Do you feel lucky? - The Second Sonora Quiz!

This is a quiz written for Sonora Academy. It tests knowledge of staff, students, school history and events of the past year. Take the test and find out how well you know Sonora.

Don't look around the site as you go along - the answers will be given to you at the end of the quiz! Some questions are harder than others, so pay attention! Good Luck!

Created by: Quizmaster of Sonora Academy
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1. Which of the following staff members does not have a pet?
Marian Connell
Nicolas Wolfe
Tarquin Reynolds
Sadi Powell
2. Which of the following students was NOT nominated for Head Boy?
Jake Santoro
Zack Dill
Dillon Welsh
Stephen Baxter
3. Which of these is NOT a cat at Sonora?
4. Which of these first years is not interested in playing Quidditch?
Josh Warren
Laurie Cider
Zane Cooper
Anabel McIntosh
5. Which student enjoys cloud watching?
Danae Dupree
Rorrie Hudson
Sorrel Craven
Geoffrey Spindler
6. What is unusual about the group of students currently in their second year at Sonora?
It is made up of purebloods only
It does not contain a set of twins
It became the first year to take History of Magic
All of the above
7. Which of the following statements is incorrect?
Tally is an empath
Nikki is bipolar
Echo is claustrophobic
Oliver is albino
8. Which of the following was NOT one of the treats in the midterm treasure hunt?
gingerbread prairie elves
chocolate galleons, sickles and knuts
sugared snowflakes
candy canes
9. Who said "And, yeah, Star Wars is cool, though, to be honest, I'm more of a Trekkie" ?
Zoey Welsh
Guenther Heindrich
Lucas Smythe
Zack Dill
10. Who is NOT a reserve player for their team?
Lucas Smythe
Caedence Redoak
Lawrence Cooper
Irene Liddowe
11. What is unusual about the Tarwaters' father?
He is a werewolf
He is a vampire
He is an animagus
He is blind
12. Which is the only house that does not contain a student with the surname Brockert?
13. Who is the youngest staff member out of the following?
Lorraine Taylor
Niobe Yuma
Thaddeus Flatt
Drake O'Leary
14. Which of these full names is incorrect?
Lila Evangeline St Martin
Meredith Hannah Lail
Alexandria Jeanette Stafford
Dalila Elaine Bastet
15. That was fun! Let's do it again! Which of these full names is incorrect?
Earl Gabriel Valentine
Christobel Georges Dupree
Grayson Peter Wright
Saul Ezekiel Pierce
16. How is the Cascade Hall lit?
Oil lamps
Crystal chandeliers
Floating candles
Fireflies trapped in glass orbs
17. Which of the following students does NOT have a relative also attending Sonora?
Kasey Braye
Liz Guthrie
Lily Collins
Adelaide Laurent
18. Who of the following does NOT take Muggle studies?
Connor Pierce
Briony O'Leary
Adam Whitney
Anne Wright
19. Who of the following does NOT own a puffskein?
Elly Eriksson
Josiah Ashwood
Jae Dimitri
Hannah Laurent
20. What will Muggles see when approaching Sonora?
A hill of sand and terrifying images
An old, fallen down building
A nuclear power plant with NO ENTRY signs
A set of gallows, complete with eerie sound effects
21. Which of the following statements is incorrect?
Caden is older than Camren
Talen is older than Lucie
Josh is older than Renaye
Morgaine is older than Amber
22. Who, of the following students, is NOT in Pecari?
Raoul Delachene
Rilla White
Ronan Cooper
Holly Greer
23. "Logical and strong-willed" are the traits of which house?
24. Who, of the following students, is NOT in Crotalus?
Jenna Howard
Helena Layne
Scarlet Arden
Jordanna Howard
25. Who of the following is NOT Muggleborn?
Brett Hodges
Mia Kerova
Pepper Jones
Thaddeus Flatt
26. Who is depicted in the portrait responsible for totalling the House points?
Leith Clurican
Curtis Tribble
Tavarius Mims
Bianca Tiblin
27. Who was NOT invited to Irene Liddowe�s Quidditch game last summer?
Mateo Santoro
Derek Samonns
Talitha Cumni
Jae Dimitri
28. Which of the following statements is incorrect?
Jennifer Zucchero's father lives in Brazil
Geoffrey Layne's mother was born in England
Bella Santoro's mother was born in Spain
Devian Dupree's father lives in France
29. Out of the following, who has a twin older than them?
Ben Stafford
Alexandra St Martin
Nicoletta Dupree
Josh Santoro
30. Who has siblings called Kaitlin, Jeremiah, Rory, and Travis?
Alexis Ashwood
Paul Simon Tellerman
Gwenhwyfar Carey
Genevieve Williams
31. What time must students be in the dorms each evening?
8 o'clock
9 o'clock
10 o'clock
11 o'clock
32. Who of the following is an orphan?
Kiva Kijewski
Elizabeth Lavine
Lutece Anthony
Catherine Raines
33. Who said, "A match could last for days. It's no good having someone who can blaze it, but burns out after five minutes." ?
Ash Craven
Amy Fox
Chrissy Mathers
Hannah Laurent
34. What can be seen out of the windows in the Pecari commons?
A courtyard in the labyrinth gardens
The balconies of lower storeys
The Quidditch pitch
The view changes with the days of the week
35. Can girls enter boys� dormitories?
Categorically no
Technically no, although it has happened on occasion
Yes, they can go in whenever they want!
36. Who's birthday is October 5th?
Cecily Smythe
Sanaa Sutekh
Manfred Bulla
Eaven Valentine
37. Which of these creatures is NOT currently kept as a pet at Sonora?
38. Who of the following is a CATS examiner at Sonora?
Roland Ashburn
Ronald Ashwinder
Roderick Ashwood
Rodney Ashton
39. Of which area in Sonora is Scurry the prairie elf afraid?
the gardens
the kitchens
the library
the Quidditch pitch
40. In which order will the Midsummer celebrations occur?
Ball, bonfire, fair, concert
Ball, concert, fair, bonfire
Ball, fair, concert, bonfire
Ball, bonfire, concert, fair

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