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Do you know Sk3tchYT? You probably know that he's a YouTuber. But do you know when he became one? These are the kinds of questions in this quiz. Take it, to see how we you know Sk3tchYT!

This quiz contains 10 questions. Choose the answer you think fits the question most. Have fun taking this quiz and be sure to folow Sketch on twitter! @Sk3tchYT

Created by: Koala.lala of Staggering Beauty
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1. What is his real/full name?
Sketch YT, duh!
Elijah John Best
Elijah Best
Elijah Peter Best
Elijah George Best
Elijah Earl Best
2. When is his birthday?
Pfft... I don't even know his age.
February 43rd
False. Sketch has no birthday. He just simply exists.
April 29th.
Wait, what?
You mean Ethan, right?
3. Who is Sketch's closest friend?
It's Cody! It has to be Cody!
The strawberry that got pepper sprayed.
Ethan, cuz he has no friends.
Any member in the pals.
4. Sketch has a twin, Ethan. Who's the better of the two?
Ethan has always been the better twin, HANDS DOWN!
I think Sketch is the better twin, A1.
I think they're both pretty awesome.
5. Why does Sketch hate Patches?
What?! He doesn't hate Patches.
That dog may look cute, but it's a devil.
Because he's heartless.
I don't...know.
Patches is a senpai and Sketch is jealous of that.
6. This isn't related but who do you ship Sketch with?
Denis (Detch/Senis)
Corl (Skorl)
Alex (Aletch/Skalex)
Sub (Skub)
Ethan (That's just weird)
Cody (Skody)
7. What is his catchphrase?
Take it easy *wink*
How we doin' today, fellas?
He says so many things, he has a catchphrase?!
Probably any random thing he blurts out.
i cri evrytim
8. (In Sketch's opinion) Thoughts on Denis?
Great guy. I love him.
Denis is okay, I guess.
Denis is a giant compared to me.
He is a threat to society.
9. What is Sketch's life goals?
To keep his channel growing and be successful.
To finally meet Denis and Corl.
To learn how to spell.
To get a girlfriend.
To break the haters' ankles in the walmart parking lot.
To get enough sleep. Those eye bags though...
10. Thoughts on Corl?
Corl's one of my best friends.
He's a cool dude.
Another threat to society. Stop him.
Corl will take over the universe one day. Just wait.

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