how well do you know NBA history?

People may think they know basketball. But how well do you Know NBA history take this quiz and youll find out just how good you are with nba facts and stats.

Are you an NBA expert take this quiz and youll find out just how smart you are when it comes to NBA history. In just a few minutes youll see your results

Created by: bball_lover

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  1. Who is the NBA all time leading scorer
  2. Who has the Most rings in NBA history
  3. Which team has the most championships?
  4. Fill in the blank "Hakeem the_____ olijuwon
  5. Who is the all time leader in three pointers made?
  6. which one of these players is not in the Hall of Fame
  7. how many championships does michael jordan have?
  8. Bias question- Who is better kobe or lebron
  9. who won the most championships in the 1960s
  10. in the late 80s len bias was drafted to the boston celtics and not long after his drafting he...
  11. Kobe Bryant was drafted to what team
  12. who was the first player to average a triple-double in a season
  13. kobe bryant scored _____ in 2006 against the raptors which is second best in nba history

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Quiz topic: How well do I know NBA history?