How Well Do You Know Music?

MUSIC = Happy LIfe, How Well Do You Think You Know Music? Well If You Know Music Like I Know Music Then You Should have No Problem FinIshing These Lyrics From Many Different Categories Of Music Like Rock, Country, ect.... But They Are All From The 1990's To Now.

There Is No Old School Stuff In Here That we Would Have To Ask Our Parents About, Lol Just stuff That Most People at Age 18 And Up Should For Sure Know If You Are A Music over like Me. If You Don't Listen To music Then Don't Take This Quiz Because Getting A Low Score Has a Pretty Harsh Result. lol

Created by: Heather
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1. We Don't Need Romance We Only Want- To Dance
We're gonna Let Our Hair Hang Down
The Best Thing About Being A Women
The Girls Need A Break
2. We Mighta Took The Long Way
You're Still The One
We Knew We'd Get There Someday
Ain't Nothin' Better
3. But In My Soul,
Cause A Mississippi Girl Don't Change Her Ways
I Still Like Wearing My Old Ball Cap
I Know That I'm The Same Way
4. You've Taken Away Everything
And I Can't Do Without
It's Not Over
This Love Is Killin' Me
5. Try To Turn The Tables
I Wish You'd Unclench Your Fists
Lately There's Been Too Much Of This
Well, I'd Hope That Since We're Here Anyway
6. The Summer's Out of Reach
Your Brown Skin Shining in The Sun
But I Can See You
Empty Lake, Empty Streets
7. Honey, Why You Cryin'Is everything Okay?
Well, My Girl's In The Next room
I Gotta Whisper 'Cause I Can't Be Too Loud
And, Yes I've Dreamt Of You Too
8. I Guess I Just Lost My Husband
So I'm Gonna Drink My Money
I don't Know Where He Went
I'm Not Gonna Pay His rent
9. LA Told Me, You'll Be A PopStar
It's Bad When You Annoy Yourself
All You Have To Change Is Everything You Are
Dr, Dr, please Prescribe Me Somethin'
10. Me And Ush Once More And we Leave em dead
We Want a Lady In the Street But a Freak in The Bed
Take That And Rewind It Back
Ludacris fill Cups like Double D's
11. She Smiles Back At Him, Dragging That Teddy Bear
Sleep Tight, Blue eyes & Bouncin' Curls
As She Stubles Up Those Stairs
There Goes My Life
12. Could You Walk An Talk At The Same Time?
You Got Me Twisted
And It's my Name That's On That Jag
You Must Not Know 'Bout Me
13. You're Lickin' our Lips And Blowin' Kisses My Way
My Body Saying Let's Go
But That don't Mean I'm gonna give it Away
I'm A Genie In A Bottle, you Gotta Rub Me The Right Way Baby
14. Don't You Know I Still Believe
That You Will Be here
Oh Pretty Baby, I shouldn't Have Let You Go
Hit Me baby One More Time
15. I Think You're Special, what's Behind Your Back?
So Turn Around And I'll Pick Up The slack
Dirty, Babe
baby I'm Your Slave
16. I, Gotta Fetish For f---in' You witcha Skirt On
Girl Your Stare Those Eyes (I Love It When You Look At Me Baby)
I Know Ya Need Me, Wait For Me bay-bay
On The Backstreet In The back Seat Of the Yukon
17. Listen And When The World Starts to stress Me Out
(Where I Turn) It's To You Boy Without A Doubt
Your Like A Drug You Relieve My Pain (May Seem strange)
baby, Baby, Baby, Baby
18. I Like Going Out Taking Walks And Stuff
Though I Ain't A Virgin That Don't Mean I'm Having Sex With Ya
5'5 With Brown Eyes
I Don't Run With Many Girls Cause They Talk Too much
19. Krunck Juice Bombs, Oakley Shades
Buy You A Drank
Shawty Got Class, Oh Behave
Talk To Me, I Talk Back
20. Just Cause She Dances Go-Go
It Don't Make Her A Ho, No
Maxine, Put Your Red Shoes On
We're Going To The Disco
21. I Know The Style But Respect My Life Style
It Isn't Fair Before I'm legal I'll Be a Millionaire
Gonna Be Famous Hard To Be Nameless
Nigga Gotta Die To Be Famous
22. But More Then Anything, More Then Anything
Is That This Life Becomes All That You Want It Too
My Wish For You
I Hope You Never Look Back But You Never Forget
23. Cause makin' love To Just Anyone Ain't Happening
I just Gotta be With You
I Wanna Give You My All
I'm Ready To Commit To You
24. Reaching For Something In The Distance
Feel The Rain On Your Skin
So Close You Can Almost Taste It
Release You Inhibitions
25. If You Simply Ask Me To Be There
Cause What You Got Is Far Beyond Compare
And, It's Just Like Honey
And Your The Only One Who Makes Me Come Running

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