How well do you know michael jackson?

There are some people who absolutely LOVE Michael Jackson and know so much about him and then tehre are some people that aren't very interested in him and don't know much about him.

How much do you know about MJ, a lot or not so much or just in between. Let's see how much you know. You never know how much you know until you try!

Created by: StateofShock
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1. When was he born?
August 29 1958
June 25 2009
January 1 1990
December 25 1980
2. What is his full name?
Michael Joseph Jackson
Michael Prince Jackson
Michael Blanket Jackson
Michael Jackson
3. What was the ranch that he had bought?
Michael's Ranch
Peter Pan's Place
4. Who was the eldest child of the Jackson's?
Michael Jackson
Rebbie Jackson
Tito Jackson
Joseph Jackson
Jermaine Jackson
5. What was his chimp called?
Peter Pan
Didn't have a chimp
6. How old was he when he died?
48 years old
54 years old
49 years old
53 years old
50 years old
Didn't die (me: wat???)
7. Who was his first wife?
Debbie Rowe
Lisa Marie Presley
Elizabteh Taylor
8. Who was his second wife?
Lisa Marie Presley
Debbie Rowe
Elizabeth Taylor
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10. Did you like this quiz?
no it sucked

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