How well do you know Lost characters?

This quiz is about how well you know the character of the ABC show Lost. Even the little things, like the actors of background characters, the names of a character's mother and how many appearances a character has had

Now is your chance to find out how well you know the characters, main, recurring, supporting, secondary and guest, of Lost. This test asks questions about characters which you may or may not know. Good Luck.

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1. Who is Nadia?
A woman who asked Locke to inspect a house for her
Sayid's love
A woman who Charlie saved from a mugging
all of the above
2. How did Mikhail die?
He was shot with a spear-gun
He was killed by the pylons around the Barracks
A grenade detonated in his hand
He drowned
3. Who is Roger Linus played by?
Michael Emerson
Jon Gries
Josh Holloway
Jon Greis
4. What name did Ana Lucia give to Christian when he asked her to be his bodyguard?
5. Who is Luke?
An Other
A tail section survivor
A deceased DHARMA employee
A flashback character
6. What is Charlie's middle name?
It has yet to be revealed
7. What was the name of the character Nikki played on the show Expose?
8. What was Boone's original name?
Boone Carsisle
Boone Anthony Markham
Boone Anthony Markham V
Anthony Carsisle
9. Who was the first non-Flight 815 survivor to have a flashback episode?
Ana Lucia
10. Who is Kelvin Inman?
A man who died when his hot air balloon crashed on the island
A DIA agent
A man on Flight 815 who died in the crash
A background actor
11. What did Michael do for a living?
He was a construction worker
He was an artist
He had no job
He was a dentist
12. In what episode did Eko die in?
Two for the Road
Live Together, Die Alone
The Cost of Living
13. Who stayed at the same hotel Hurley stayed at?
All of the above
14. Who was David?
Hurley's father
Libby's husband
president of the Apollo candy company
All of the above
15. How many episodes has Desmond appeared in as of the end of Season 3?

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