How Well Do You Know Johnny Cash

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Jinx Blackclaw said:
Nov 20 '15, 2:19PM


Eh, but, eh.

honey_bear said:
May 5 '15, 3:24PM

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AlexTheCat said:
Jan 22 '13, 12:05AM

25% yep very true. Surprised I got that high. :P

skatterbrain said:
Nov 22 '11, 4:40AM

35%.. yeah i know enough about him

jack10cool said:
Sep 22 '11, 2:08PM

RIP johnny :( my dad cried when he died (he was 5)

Kiki rocks said:
Aug 6 '11, 10:13PM

31% i saw the movie. but i'm not a fan.

sugarbaby2011 said:
Feb 25 '11, 8:45PM

i got 38%...yea,i win!...:P

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