How well do you know Japanese Culture?

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EmmaEmma said:
Mar 27 '15, 1:18AM

This isn't so much about the culture in Japan, but you know.... I still aced it lol naw, I just got a 23, but as I said, not much about the CULTURE

Hyunwoo said:
Nov 22 '14, 9:00PM

Ten and eleven were easy.


MiriHorseLover said:
Mar 30 '12, 7:30PM

64% I'm not Japanese, but I adore anime!

orangeblossom17 said:
Aug 29 '11, 9:03AM

Haha 57%? Not bad, this quiz is pretty hard haha :D

orangeblossom17 said:
Aug 29 '11, 9:02AM

Haha 57%. Not bad. Nice to know that I'm pretty good in this quiz. I meant... I'm not a Japanese and btw, this quiz is quite hard :D

Hunteriscool said:
Mar 14 '11, 2:18AM

43% :DDD

Hikaru Katsu said:
Sep 29 '09, 7:25PM

Yay I scored 90%! No, I'm not from japan, but I am asian, and I love asian culture, and recently, I've actualy been getting into the middle east. I dunno.

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