how well do you know ivypool

hi if your interested in taking this quiz please be sure you have read the newest warrior books with ivypool and dovewing and some other new character i would also like to inform you alot of these questions have to do with ivypool in the dark forest so be sure you know who is in the dark forest.

do you know ivypool?can you answer all these questions about her perfectly?well take this quiz and you could be from ivypool's biggest loser to ivypool's biggest FAN!!!good luck and no pressure:)

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  1. which cat from the dark forest did ivypool train with?
  2. which cat from windclan did ivypool train with at the dark forest?
  3. which cat that was training in the dark forest from windclan died from his/her last training in the dark forest?
  4. when ivypool was at the dark forest which cat from her clan did she see there?
  5. who started the fight between thunderclan and shadowclan?
  6. during the battle between thunderclan and shadowclan which cat from shadowclan looked at ivypool in a "weird" way?
  7. who was ivypool's sister?
  8. who is ivypool's mother?
  9. why did ivypool train in the dark forest?
  10. what secret that dovewing had that ivypool did not know?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know ivypool