How well do you know Harry Potter!

there are billions of Harry Potter fans all over the world, but only a few thousand are true fans. like myself! this quiz may be a bit hard so if you don't know your Harry Potter all that well stay back!

Are you a true Harry Potter fan? like me? well if you are hurry up and take the quiz and stop reading!@well take this quiz ( made by a harry potter expert) and you'll find out soon enough!

Created by: Charlie
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1. who is the actor who plays Harry Potter?
or Mr angery
2. what are all the house's names?
Griffendor, mouse Trap, Slytherin, Lollie Tin
Slytherin, Raven Claw, Hullfelpuff, Beagle
Griffendor, Sytherin, Raven Claw, Huffelpuf
3. is 'wingardium leviosar' the first spell they porfrom in the first movie? True or False?
4. what was the latest Harry Potter movie released?
The half blood prince
The deathly hallows
The order of the phinix
5. who dose Harry have a crush on in the 4 movie?
Cho Chang
Mrs Mogonigal
6. What are Harry Potters parents names?
Ron & Cho Chang
Games & Chilly
James & Lilly
7. what dose Harry discover at the end of the 5 movie?
' none can live while the other survives'
' there secretly cosins'
' Voldemort has a secret weapon'
8. in which movie dose Sirius Black die?
9. what is the second last Harry Potter book called?
Harry Potteer and the prisinor of azkaban
Harry Potter and the order of the phinix
Harry Potter and the half blood prince
Harry Potter and the deathly hallows
10. what is the griffins name in the 3rd movie?
Buck Buck
Buck Beack
11. what is the bus's name in the 3rd movie?
The Black Bus
The Knight Bus
The Night Bus
The Bus Bus
The talking head Bus

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