How well do you know Family Guy?

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Oct 31 '15, 12:12PM

89% this quiz needs to be updated cuz they have new seasons and meg is older now

Ojojo131 said:
Feb 19 '13, 3:07PM

And the there were fewer is season 09

bella7513 said:
Feb 18 '13, 5:21PM

Got 72

smartgirl115 said:
Dec 2 '11, 10:48PM

demonicangel: no one really cares about apamming. sorry if i said this. :P

Kjnhb said:
Sep 11 '11, 10:55PM


Snufflebub said:
May 7 '11, 8:28AM

It is pretty good, but you forgot jillians boyfriend in the last question. I'm from Australia and its different to your ones. Then there were fewer is in season 10 for us.

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