How well do you know Criss?

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happycat said:
Aug 12 '11, 12:00AM

im 10,on netflex i found him...HE IS SO AWSOME!!!I LOVE CRISS ANGEL 4EVER!!!

Nov 7 '10, 11:25AM

so take that please take my quiz its called Sabbattack thank u

Nov 7 '10, 11:24AM

but sair-....whatever is o k not u drpepper

Nov 7 '10, 11:23AM

u commenters suck "me too" u r idiots

drpeppergirl1219 said:
Jul 8 '09, 9:09PM

Me too!!!!!!

sairduh said:
Mar 4 '08, 6:01PM

woohoo first comment! i love criss he is the coolest!mindfreak is like my favorite show!

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