How well do you know Christmas?

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas! Do you think you know a lot about christmas, well take my quiz and find out! Some questions in here may be bible related, so if you dont know the answer dont worry.

So, lets see how much you know about christmas and test your skills to see! I hope you and your family have a very merry christmas and a happy new year. Mind my spelling because Im rushing and have people coming over soon.

Created by: lala4567
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1. What are Jesus' parents named?
Mary and Joseph...everybody knows that!
Santa and Mrs. Clause
Simba and Nala
2. What's Santas real name?
St. Nick
Fat cookie man
3. Finish the lyrics: He sees you when your sleeping, he knows when your ___
sounds like a stalker to me.....
4. Where in the bible is the story of the first christmas (the nativity) If you don't know, dont worry about it.
Old testament
New testament
5. What do you bake at Christmas?
6. What does Scrooge say in the christmas carol a lot?
Bah humduck!
Yo wats up?
Bah humbug!
7. In the ELF (2003), what is the elfs name and who plays him?
Buddy the elf, played by Santa
Buddy the elf, played by Will ferrel
8. What is the true meaning of christmas?
Jesus' birth and family and friends and joy.
9. What are the main three christmas colours?
White, green and red
Candy cane
blue, pink and purple
10. Bonus Question: Why are Red, white and green the official Christmas colours?
Because they are the colour on santas jacket
I dont know....
Because they are the colours of the italian flag, where the vatican is.

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