How well do you know Buddy the Elf?

How well do you know Buddy the elf? There are many true fans, this quiz will determine if you're a true fan or not. So take this quiz! Then you'll know for sure!

Are YOU a Buddy genius? Do you know everything there is to know about Buddy? Are you up for the challenge of taking this ultimate Buddy quiz? You can do it just take the quiz. I hope you enjoy the quiz, good luck!

Created by: Caroline
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1. How did Buddy greet the person on the telephone?
"Hi, how are you?"
"Buddy the elf what's your favorite color?"
"What's up?"
"Hello, anyone there?"
"Yo,yo,yo it's Buddy!"
2. Apparently, to Buddy (blank) is his favorite
Making friends
Building toys
Helping Santa
3. Why did Buddy go to New York
He wanted to see a mail room
Because santa said New York is awesome
He wanted to meet his real dad
He wanted to try "the world's best cup of coffee"
He wanted to meet his grandpa
He wanted to go in the spining doors
4. "The best way to spred Christmas cheer...
is giving gifts
is smiling a lot
is singing loud for all to hear
is greeting people when you pass them by
is singing Christmas carols to old people
is giving cheer!
5. The elves' main food groups are:
Sugar,sugar,sugar,and sugar
Candy canes,candy,syrup, and sugar
Candy corn,sugar,syrup, and candy canes
Candy,pop tarts,spagetti, and syrup
Caramal,candy,sugar, and spagetti
Candy canes,candy corn,sugar, and syrup
6. Who does Buddy have a crush on?
7. What is Buddy's brother's name?
8. Where does Buddy's dad send him when he went to work with him?
The mail room
To go help Francisco
The toy store
To read books in their reading room
To get him some coffee
9. Where does Buddy's dad work?
A fitness center
A post office
A book company
A nursing home
A coffee shop
A hotel
10. Does Buddy like coffee?
Yes he loves it he could drink it all day!
No, he hates it
I don't know
It depends on his mood
He likes it with some syrup mixed in with it
11. What movie is Buddy in?
New York's crazy days
Elves rock
Buddy's craziest adventure
Buddy's wonderous, colorful, amazing, supercalafragalisticexprealagostis fantasy

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