How Weeaboo are You?

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Pikachu4553 said:
Jun 27 '16, 7:57PM

I got 77% wow cool

Literally_NEET said:
Jun 24 '16, 8:14PM

50%? *erhm* seems fair

A1redwing said:
May 12 '16, 3:18PM

0% Thank God...

XNightwingX said:
Apr 7 '16, 7:54PM

Aww, I couldn't get 100 no matter how many times I tried. My honest result was 32%

AlexisTheDemon said:
Feb 28 '16, 12:34PM

a weeaboo is someone who completely resents their own culture and pretends to be Japanese. they often speak Japanese words in the middle of their sentence as well as mispronounce Japanese words. you can still learn Japanese watch anime read manga be interested in Japanese culture etc. without being a weeaboo

CoryInTheHouse69 said:
Feb 17 '16, 11:30AM

Where cory in the house? Thats my jam, home slice.

The loaf said:
Jan 7 '16, 9:27PM

Well i took the test and got a 0 and I'm glad i'm nothing close to a weeabo

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