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  • Lifelong resident of Eastern WA so missed some of the wet side Q's. Add some dryside questions and level the field for those of us that don't live in Seattle like where is the "Devil's Well", "Blue Stem", or "White Bluffs".

    jackiemearound Sep 18 '13, 12:42PM
  • Washingtonian all the way, but this is majorly biased toward West-siders. Can we have a little east-side representation please? You know... Hanford, Dry Falls, Missoula floods, the dams. stuff like that.

    tkdhurricane Aug 20 '13, 5:09AM
  • 30%, I hope to get acquainted better with this great evergreen liberal state.

    Ransomed Jul 23 '13, 5:10PM
  • Im 7 yrs old and I got 90% !!!!!!!

    lol:);)= ):D:Px):(:-[XD

    Skylar M Jul 17 '13, 1:01PM
  • Question 13 has no correct answers listed. SeattleBaby had it right with that first comment six years ago and you haven't fixed it yet?????

    ignatz Jun 4 '13, 12:16AM
  • 20 percent. Not a surprise. I moved here only a couple weeks ago. But certainly I can pronounce Puyallap. That's where I live in Pierce county.

    Ransomed Mar 28 '13, 1:52PM
  • YAY! I was kinda surprised how easy this quiz was - I was a little surprised that I got 100% on this though.
    I was raised in Ferndale - north of B'ham.
    Nice quiz!

    Bailey Feb 19 '13, 1:43AM

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