How Walthamstow are you?

A large part of identity is tied up in a sense of place. Where you are from- that kind of thing. People are proud to be northern. Or Welsh. Or Scottish. Or even from Essex.

But what about us proud Stovians? or should that be Walthies? However you want to put it, people from Walthamstow are a lucky and rather special bunch.

Created by: anon
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. You have a bunch of bananas. What are you going to do with them?
Feed them to a chimp.
Put them in your lunchbox.
Swap them for a pair of wellies.
4. Why have you got wet feet?
You've been to Lloyd Park playground.
You stepped in a puddle.
You took a shower in your shoes.
5. You want a loaf of beautiful artisan bread. Where do you go?
A small local bakery.
6. Who's your local MP?
Iain Duncan-Smith
Stella Creasy
Somebody else
7. Your front door is painted green. Why?
You like the colour green.
The shop had run out of red.
It's a Warner property, and has been green since forever.
8. What is outside your house?
A garden and a well kept street.
An abandoned mattress.
9. Who is Wriggly Rick?
An Octopus who is good at singing
A street performer
A dodgy guy in a pub
10. You're at the Rose and Crown and feel a bit peckish. What do you eat?
A bag of crisps
A pizza fresh from a portable wood burning pizza oven
Pork scratchings
11. How much are fruit and vegetables?
You don't know- you buy them by the bag in the supermarket
It depends- you buy a veggie box each week
£1 a bowl, of course.
12. You spot something that annoys you. What do you do?
Moan about it on facebook.
Think, 'Aha! What a great idea for a community project! We could sort this out!'
Have a cup of tea.

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