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There are many brave people, but few true Vikings who roam this world in search of their true being. In their quest to please Odin and Reach Valhalla they seek out others like them.

Are you a Viking? Only true and noble Vikings who are blessed by Odin will succeed in answering this quiz correctly. So take a few minutes and see if you are true Viking or a pretender.

Created by: jeanette
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1. Where do Vikings come from?
Denmark, Norway and Sweden
France, Germany and Spain
Iceland, Greenland and Alaska
United States and Canada
2. What is a Viking War ship called?
H.M.S Viking
3. Did Vikings have horns on their helmets?
yes 3 of them
No, this is just mythology
2, one either side
4. What did Vikings Drink out of?
Champagne glasses
Drinking horns and Wooden cups
cup and saucer
5. Why did Vikings kill some of their animals in Autumn?
To please the Gods
To have a massive feast
They couldn't feed animals through winter
To fill the freezer for Christmas
6. What did a typical Viking home look like?
A Mansion
square house with one room
Round with several rooms
2 bed flat in Skegness
7. What did Vikings like to drink
Earl grey tea
Ale and mead
Triple latte
8. What does the word Viking mean?
Pirate raid
Old men from the North
9. What was the Viking God of Thunder called?
Big Bang Boom
10. How were Vikings buried after death?
Chucked in a pit
Long ceremony and buried in a Church
Dressed in finery, placed in their boat, set alight and pushed out to sea
Eaten for dinner the next day
11. Where did Vikings go after death?
Nowhere they were dead
Heaven with the Angels
valhalla to see Odin
Next door neighbours stomach
12. What did Vikings call their children?
Gifts from Heaven

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