how to tell if a guy likes you!!!

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Donotdisturb said:
Feb 14 '14, 7:14AM

Awesome quiz

14028hiiyall said:
Sep 14 '13, 7:19PM

I did 15 quizzes. 3/15 said he doesn't (including this quiz) and 12/15 says he does. Later on this year his friend asked me out for him because he was afraid he would say or d something he was gonna regret. Now, we're going out... kissing and all! this quiz is jacked up! fix it now!!!

Kenzie_girl 24 said:
May 27 '13, 4:36PM

Wow your lame you put grosome as a result for the quizzes! Next time you make a quiz make sure there's no spelling errors or lameeeee results!!!!

Kenzie_girl 24 said:
May 27 '13, 4:33PM

Worst quiz everrrr!

ppoooppop said:
May 17 '13, 9:54PM

the worst test ever

mina73822 said:
May 15 '13, 7:43AM

What kind of question is 'Would you fart on the teacher to go out with him'? Haha lol!

Female 123 said:
May 6 '13, 9:19PM

Ummmm full of s--- much? I literally went to ten sites and used math ( not a nerd) to see if he did and after accidently taking the SAME quiz twice with the SAME answers I gave with TOTALLY different results, and the worst part, at the end it said with horrible grammar "sorry if you got bad results not our fault love you so much girl!" Your an idiot to the diphthong who wrote this "super accurate quiz" in her free time.

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