how to tell if a guy likes you!!!

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kyasurinchan said:
May 31 '15, 12:04PM

Stupid quiz!

oliemars said:
May 8 '15, 10:49AM

The guy I like at school I got to know on a class trip to NYC, seeing his smile lighted by the lights of the city made me realize I did really like this guy. He's super sweet and hilarious, but I'm way too shy to get to know him more...

pedwa33 said:
Apr 19 '15, 6:58AM

THIS QUIZ IS HORRIBLE I hate it so much it did not help me what so ever and I did the quiz two times differently just to test it because the first time I did it no results came up and every thing I did was perfect so I did a seconde time to make shore but still nothing it is a lying cheat oh but they love us so much they keep on saying that just to soften us up because they probably know that this is carp they just what to break our hearts they don't give a dame about us I really thought this would help my relationships THIS QUIZ IS HORRIBLE

Dab dab said:
Jan 14 '15, 4:07PM

This quiz sucks

flowerpower1349 said:
Oct 27 '14, 7:16PM

Dumb Quiz. I'm sort of a m,atchmaker so I though the quiz was about how good of one am I.

1991db said:
Sep 13 '14, 2:34AM

learn how to spell.

Penguin_ love said:
Apr 11 '14, 10:47PM

WORST test ever. Like for real.

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