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fnafguirl666 said:
Nov 22 '15, 12:22AM

80% im so freakin' proud o' myself

Furrybones said:
Aug 20 '14, 6:59PM

I am from Texas and i got 37% sorry I don't speak like a stereotypical Texan which usually means that they're rednecks

Earpj said:
Apr 3 '14, 2:12PM

You misspelled "y'all".

TexasPuppett said:
Mar 9 '12, 1:36AM

Who ever made the "How Texas Are You"....doesn't sound like a one says how Texas are you it's "Texan" and there's no such thing as a Texas draw!! (Unless we're talkin revolvers....and that's not what she meant)

Any Texan would know that!

romantic9988 said:
Nov 28 '11, 4:45AM


Mr Weed said:
Sep 7 '11, 12:06AM

I got 35% i think thats pretty god for someone who has lived in florida his whole life

booworm579 said:
Jan 1 '10, 9:53PM

67% and proud of it. Im good enough to call myself texan but not quite a cowgirl. pretty good quiz even if it is stereotyping

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