How Stubborn Are You?

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Solar Silver said:
Mar 11 '16, 8:53AM

"You are overly stubborn?"

That' s the bloody understatement of the century. I can out stubborn mules, they may be set on walking forwards, but I'm bloody set on making them go left. I'm so stubborn that I've won poker games just with being stubborn. Bad hand? I SHALL NEVER FOLD!

sasha280942 said:
Nov 18 '15, 7:14AM

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PizzaManX said:
Oct 27 '15, 2:54PM


Pientahna said:
Jul 20 '15, 12:51PM

XD yay am not stubbuhn!!!!!XD

ThisIsThe8BitMe said:
Apr 30 '15, 10:40AM

You are 31% stubborn.

"You are not very stubborn. You may have acted
stubborn once or twice but in general you try not to have arguments and are a peaceful person!"

Huh? I didn't expect it to be that low. But I have my own stubborn sides so yeah..

Ange Kaperonis said:
Apr 7 '15, 4:28PM

Great quiz it's opened my eyes to change within myself! I need to relax

Ange Kaperonis said:
Apr 7 '15, 4:25PM

hi I'm Angela Kaperonis Rossi and I got 87 percent stubborn. I like to do things my way and I'm very headstrong, and sometimes angry. Ive realised this before the quiz, my neighbour hinted it to me. I need to calm myself down. And be chilled

saadia970 said:
Jan 3 '15, 4:04AM

Pelli said:
Jan 1 '15, 7:17AM

79% stubborn. I did not expect it to be that high!

Brawlernaut said:
Dec 23 '14, 11:28PM

Good quiz, but stubborness ain't just about wantin' ta argue with people...I think I shoulda gotten higher.
But still, great quiz!

LunaIsBrave said:
Dec 1 '14, 10:03PM

38% what the hell? WRONG.

unicornchickens said:
Nov 9 '14, 1:54PM

59% Stubborn- Pretty Stubborn

Well, geez, thanks?

Jewelbaby said:
Nov 8 '14, 7:51PM

You are 24% stubborn
You are not very stubborn. You may have acted stubborn once or twice but in general you try not to have arguments and are a peaceful person!

Humm... I'm 'famously stubborn' according to a lot of people: I don't back off when I know I'm right and I'm around a lot of people that are wrong (seriously); I think I have to figure out how to convince people to see my vision? It takes a looong time for people to get to where I am (again: seriously). Oh, well.

goodgirlgonebad said:
Jul 13 '14, 4:19PM

10% YES, i will all ways say if i am wrong. Dont like to argue.[:

Jonesy said:
Jun 13 '14, 4:16AM


Jonesy said:
Jun 13 '14, 4:15AM

LIAR, LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

like_a_blur said:
May 27 '14, 5:57PM

You are 59% stubborn

You are pretty stubborn when you want to be. You are more stubborn than the average person but not by much. You are somewhere in between but you still probably are the type of person who doesn't like to argue!

LIES!.!.! ........they are NOT very good at this........sorry!

elizy99 said:
May 10 '14, 10:44AM

says im not stubborn hhmm I thought I was...oh well I guess not lol

Mindy8x said:
Apr 2 '14, 6:11AM

You are 31% stubborn

You are not very stubborn. You may have acted stubborn once or twice but in general you try not to have arguments and are a peaceful person!

Hahhaha! So true! xDD

Katniss4Everdeen said:
Feb 4 '14, 9:04PM

You are 45% stubborn

Occasionally you can be pretty stubborn, but everyone can be stubborn from time to time! You will be stubborn when the situation calls for it but in general you avoid arguing!

I guess this is kinda true. I like to think I'm really stubborn but this is about right. however,I'm very argumentative.

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