How spoiled are you?

Some people are lucky, while others aren't that lucky, but think about it... do you appreciate what you do have? Are you spoiled? Answer the questions honestly and find out in a few minutes!

So anyway... how spoiled are you exactly? Do you ask for things all the time? Do you get what you don't actually need? So yes.. those kind of questions will be on this.

Created by: Ryanb667 of Anonymous cat 23
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. How big is your house?
Practically a mansion
Bigger than normal
An average size
Smaller than normal
Very small
I have a trailer
4. Do/did you get free money from your parents?
YES all the time. I need to buy everything I want
5. How often do you ask for things?
Every day.... or I'll freak out!
Couple times a week
Like once a month
Really rarely like maybe for Christmas
6. So you hate the dinner your parents made, what's your reaction?
EWWW I'm not even touching that!
Pick at it, maybe eat a few bites
Thanks for making this dinner...
Suck it up and just eat it
7. What best describes you?
Poor, appreciates what I DO have
Poor, doesn't appreciate it
In the middle, appriciates what I have
In the middle, doesn't appreciate it
Rich, appreciates it
Rich and still asking for more
8. Have you ever been on a cruise in the Caribbean?
The carribbean?? In my dreams..
I wish
Yes every single year!
9. How many tvs in your house?
10. So it's Christmas and you got.... a calculator! What's your reaction?
Well.. I need one for math
NO I hate those things..
That's ok, I didn't get coal XD
Bummed out
11. When it comes to clothes you...
Are getting new clothes all the time
Get a little extra clothes
Only get it when I actually need it
I get hand-me-downs
12. When a new phone comes out you...
Will always get the newest one
I'll get a new one like every 2 years
I keep it as long as it's working...
I don't even have a phone
13. When you do get what you want... how did it happen?
I asked and got it right away
I worked for/earned it like from a job
As a Christmas gift
That doesn't really happen with me...
14. when did you get your first job?
14 and under
under 16, don't have one
over 16, don't have one
15. Do you do community service?
All the time
Well it's good for college..
I don't care about that just about myself
16. So you went to a party.. and the house was a mansion, are you jealous?
No.. because I have a mansion too
A little
No but I don't have a mansion
Kind of... it would be nice
17. So looking at your answers do you think you're spoiled?
I don't think so
Definitely not
18. Why did you take this quiz? (Doesn't count)
To show that I'm not spoiled
I wasn't sure if I'm spoiled
I found it randomly
I had nothing better to do
To show how spoiled I am

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