How South Jersey are you

South Jersey the forgotten land. Everyone from just lumps us in with the New York Crowd. They think we only like "Bruce" and "Bon Jovi", and we only route for the New York teams. Well now is your chance to separate yourself form the rest. Prove you are from South Jersey!

Are YOU from South Jersey? This quiz will test your true South Jerseyness. So lets see if you have what it takes or are you a hater who just lumps us in with those Northerners. Take the quiz and find out.

Created by: Trevor
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. A panzarotti is?
a sports car
a cutting utensil
a deep fried pizza turn over
an article of clothing
4. A "shorty hoagie" can be purchased at?
Cumberland Farms
5. The White House is?
Where the President lives
A strip club
A hoagie shop
6. A small sugary ice cream topping is called?
7. The Jersey Devil was born in?
Leeds Point
Somers Point
Point Pleasant
Mount Holly
8. You know what LBI stands for
9. The closest ski area was?
Blue Mountain
Pine Hill
Shawnee Mountain
Jack Frost
10. Fudgey the whale is?
A cartoon character
An icecream cake
A childrens book
11. The only town in South Jersey that is not on the coast that people have heard of is?
Cherry Hill
12. The train that goes to Philly is called the?
High Speed Line
13. You once owned a camaro/firebird, or mustang
14. Lacrosse is only a girls sport?

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