How sick is your mind?

C'mon, we all think we are sick to some extent, this quiz will decide if you really are sick or if you just think you are. Either way you should give it a shot.

I was talking with my sister and the subject turned to dancing, she was thinking of taking salsa, but she wasn't sure between that and another. Anyway, she tells me some about salsa, she says "there is some touching" and I start freaking out, saying "they do what!?! They touch you where!?!" She immediately went into how sick my mind was. I want to see who else is as sick as me.

Created by: Ann

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What are you doing tonight?
  2. What is a BJ?
  3. Sex?
  4. Blood?
  5. Ten second rule in regards to ice cream?
  6. Can you feel the love tonight?
  7. How do you get something from someone?
  8. How do you hug your boyfriend/girlfriend?
  9. What is love
  10. Do you think you have a sick mind?
  11. Do you see dead people?
  12. Do you play violent video games?

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Quiz topic: How sick is my mind?