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siculus said:
Nov 3 '10, 11:25PM

30% of you questions were wrong or incorrectly phrased. I suggest you spend few extra weeks in Sicily and if you do revisit the island, make sure you try "pasta con sarde" and "pasta di San Giuseppe, usually in the month of march (St. Joseph day is march 15th).
Anyway, Grazie for being so "Sicilian" and express such excitement for the island. You are correct in the description of the people and the food. Sicily still is island to be discovered.

Best Regards,
Robert Rosati, Los Angeles, CA
P.S. My comments are made because I am an "imported Sicilian". LOL.

siculus said:
Nov 3 '10, 11:07PM

30% of your questions were wrong or phrased incorrectly. I suggest you spend few extra weeks in Sicily. LOL.
From an "imported Sicilian".
P.S. Grazie, anyway, for being so enthusiastic about Sicily. Next time, try pasta con sarde or pasta di San Giuseppe (usually in march for St. Joseph day - March 15th.)

Rocker24 said:
Apr 17 '10, 12:07PM

59% im not even italian go Ireland!!!!!!!!

davew said:
Apr 13 '10, 11:09AM

I just took your sicily quiz, but where are the answers >> I got 67% correct but would like to know the asnswers please

pachina said:
Mar 19 '10, 11:55PM

crazy place, no regular hours for anything, 24 hour gas station is closed! No stop signs, no signs that make sense, everyone smokes, water gets turned off after 1 pm till morning, beaches are lovely,put your baby on your scooter, light up a smoke, forget the helmet, put on your Armani shoes and go for a ride to the grocery store to get beer!

alegnageno said:
Mar 14 '10, 9:39PM

yeah rite

eulalitzpuga said:
Jul 29 '08, 6:24PM


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