How Sexy Are You?

Sexiness starts out as a state of mind that leads to choices that make us sexy or not. Even the most beautiful people may not be sexy while the ugly ducking has sex appeal galore! Where do you fit?

Are you sexy? Do you have what it takes to attract men? It's more than showing off your, ahem, assets. Take this quiz and see how sexy you really are!

Created by: Donnachloe of The Daily Fashion and/or Beauty Tip
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  1. You are with your boyfriend and you are hungry. What do you choose to snack on?
  2. You are going out to a club. Which outfit do you choose to wear?
  3. Which city would you most like to visit if you'd never been there before?
  4. When you and a friend meet your significant other and his friend for lunch, you greet him
  5. You enter the room at a party and walk to the other side where the bar is.
  6. If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
  7. Someone tells a really funny joke. You...
  8. Your favorite legwear is:
  9. You pass the same guy in the hall everyday and he stares at you. He's cute, so you
  10. When you kiss him, your arms are:

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Quiz topic: How Sexy am I?