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kayneumann said:
Feb 5 '15, 2:50AM

I got 98%

Bastille said:
Aug 28 '14, 11:45AM

I got 75% I'M HALF RUSSIAN. JEEZ! Also, what's nravitza? And btw, summer's really hot there. Bad quiz.

Monsterhighluv said:
Mar 1 '14, 9:23AM

Oh , and Hikaru Katsu , by the way , you said:


My parents(who , by the way ,were literally born in Russia)Came here and love the USA . So do I , so I would think otherwise...already 3 people love the USA !

Monsterhighluv said:
Mar 1 '14, 9:19AM

Hey ! you guys ! This person must have had hard time(we can all see that) , but that doesn't mean we should be mean ! Who are we , mean kids picking up fights in 7th grade ? Let's all be nice . If we have nothing nice to , post...we shouldn't post anything !

duhhhhh said:
Feb 16 '13, 10:00PM

wow, you're dumb. I have no clue what "narivitsa" means. maybe you meant "nravitsa"? also, in Central Russia, not talking northern areas obviously, summers are hot and winters only get really cold for a short period of time. and Russia isn't poor. lots of people in Russia are poor, that is true, but Russia as a country is richer than you can imagine. do your research and cut back on exclamation marks.

CompGeekie said:
Dec 8 '12, 2:53PM

EXCUSE ME!!????? I am nearly Russian, and this SUCKS!!!! Really, is Nravitja()and Privet()!!!! And the climate???? It goes up to +40 in summer and -40 in winter!!!!! YOU ARE SUCH AN IDIOT!!!! RUSSIA IS NOT POOR!!!!! IT IS TH BIGGEST COUNTRY IN THE WHOLE F*****G WORLD!!!!!!!!

MAYHEM said:
Nov 26 '10, 4:50PM

You are 72% Russian!
You did OK!!!!!! Sorry to say it, but it's the truth!!! I have to admit it!!! I cannot tell a lie!!! You may not have even passed if you got a 68 or a 69!!!!!!!!!!! I'm serious!!!!!!!Well, better luck next time!!!!!!!!
Quiz URL: [no urls]

bunniesrule said:
May 30 '10, 7:14PM

i agree with anyone who siad this is an awful quiz!

Liz456 said:
May 17 '10, 3:54PM

my friend forced me to take this quiz... im not russian im german...
oh well, nice quiz by the way!:D

asdasdasd said:
May 2 '10, 3:48PM

questions are steryotyped. Iam russian and i got 84% BS

Zoya said:
Jan 23 '10, 10:02AM

I'm Russian, and I got 75%. And I think last question was insulting! It seems to me that the creator meant the right answer is "poor"!

Zoya said:
Jan 23 '10, 10:01AM

I'm Russian, and I got 75%. And I think last question was insulting! It seems to me that the creator meant the right answer is "poor"!

Hikaru Katsu said:
Nov 23 '09, 6:58PM

And the only reason a lot of people might get pissed is because the majority of users on gotoquiz are american. If the majority of people on here were from Russia, everyone would totally agree with me.

Hikaru Katsu said:
Nov 23 '09, 6:56PM


gishkiman said:
Nov 7 '09, 10:31PM

While he does use some Russian stereotypes that aren't necessarily correct and he mispells the words, it isn't a horrible quiz to take. He probably is an American who thought it would be funny to make this quiz. He probably doesn't even know who Iosif Dzhugashvili is...

timothy4444 said:
Oct 22 '09, 1:37AM

You are 48% Russian!
I have 2 words for you; "You FAILED!" Sorry to say it, but it's the truth!!!! I have to admit it!!! Try to study some more, then come back and try this quiz again!!! I wish you the BEST of luck next time!!!!
Quiz URL: how_russian_are_you _2

Yay! I failed!!! I hate Russia anyway!

black wolf said:
Feb 25 '09, 7:21AM

I am 84% Russian! Anyway I come from Belgrade, which is something kind of to do with Russia I guess.

maryraber said:
Nov 20 '08, 6:07PM

Russia is far from being a "poor" country. Marusia

ozzy said:
Aug 6 '08, 3:30PM

Some questions were banal, some mistaken (it's NRAVITSA, no NARVITSA, PRIVIET no PREVET), some with no possible answer (Russian climate can be both snowy and hot!). Did a Russian write this quiz? I guess not.

quizlover13 said:
Jul 23 '08, 9:48AM

Easy. I got 92% зкÑмÑе

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