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kayneumann said:
Feb 5 '15, 2:50AM

I got 98%

Bastille said:
Aug 28 '14, 11:45AM

I got 75% I'M HALF RUSSIAN. JEEZ! Also, what's nravitza? And btw, summer's really hot there. Bad quiz.

Monsterhighluv said:
Mar 1 '14, 9:23AM

Oh , and Hikaru Katsu , by the way , you said:


My parents(who , by the way ,were literally born in Russia)Came here and love the USA . So do I , so I would think otherwise...already 3 people love the USA !

Monsterhighluv said:
Mar 1 '14, 9:19AM

Hey ! you guys ! This person must have had hard time(we can all see that) , but that doesn't mean we should be mean ! Who are we , mean kids picking up fights in 7th grade ? Let's all be nice . If we have nothing nice to , post...we shouldn't post anything !

duhhhhh said:
Feb 16 '13, 10:00PM

wow, you're dumb. I have no clue what "narivitsa" means. maybe you meant "nravitsa"? also, in Central Russia, not talking northern areas obviously, summers are hot and winters only get really cold for a short period of time. and Russia isn't poor. lots of people in Russia are poor, that is true, but Russia as a country is richer than you can imagine. do your research and cut back on exclamation marks.

CompGeekie said:
Dec 8 '12, 2:53PM

EXCUSE ME!!????? I am nearly Russian, and this SUCKS!!!! Really, is Nravitja()and Privet()!!!! And the climate???? It goes up to +40 in summer and -40 in winter!!!!! YOU ARE SUCH AN IDIOT!!!! RUSSIA IS NOT POOR!!!!! IT IS TH BIGGEST COUNTRY IN THE WHOLE F*****G WORLD!!!!!!!!

MAYHEM said:
Nov 26 '10, 4:50PM

You are 72% Russian!
You did OK!!!!!! Sorry to say it, but it's the truth!!! I have to admit it!!! I cannot tell a lie!!! You may not have even passed if you got a 68 or a 69!!!!!!!!!!! I'm serious!!!!!!!Well, better luck next time!!!!!!!!
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