How Preppy are You?

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Sami12 said:
Jan 26 '14, 10:31AM

Got 64%

awesomecuziam said:
Mar 29 '12, 10:20PM

no, i'm not preppy, h'n! More Deidara-ish, h'n!
But it's just a quiz, h'n!
I'm outta here--KATSU!

gothicangel456 said:
Nov 26 '11, 1:28PM

You are 50% Preppy!

People who are this preppy are the most dangerous ones! You never know when they are going to say something preppy!

This result is so not me. I'm not preppy whatsoever.

zomgirl said:
Nov 5 '11, 9:43PM

22% s@^% thats bad. MUST HAVE 0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oxSierraxo said:
May 11 '11, 5:41PM

You are 63% Preppy!

You are very preppy, but don't worry, you're not the worst...not yet anyway...Don't worry, you're not the only one.

O ..kaii
What Eva.....


P.S. Stop Being So Mean To Preppy People One Of My
Best Friends Are Preppy

stickerz said:
Jan 2 '11, 3:05PM

preppy people suck! sk8r all the way!!!!

brooklynn818 said:
Oct 27 '10, 11:42AM

omg guys i got 80% preppy and i hate to be preppy cause alot of ppl that i hang out wit hate preps

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