How Powerful Is Your Mind?

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Angelic25 said:
Mar 19 '16, 1:53PM

Weak minded!! NOT a leader?! They are sorryly mistaken about me! XD

Summertime fun said:
May 16 '15, 2:45PM

Wow so because I'm nice and generous I'm weak minded. There are people very smart and they are generous. And I do stand up for myself. Thanks for bringing me down

Musclewolfacc2 said:
Apr 25 '15, 8:27PM

I totally agree with Cheer!

Hide and seek said:
Apr 23 '15, 1:31PM

So, weak-minded is the new nice, is that what u mean?

NeonTardis said:
Oct 25 '13, 11:00PM

Weak minded? Wow, I think it's very critical and naive to think the nice weak minded. I agree with ChearForever123 also

LoveLife14 said:
Oct 22 '13, 2:53AM

Its so funny how people think the nicest of people have the weakest of minds which isn't true at all!! You have NO IDEA what kind of mind I have!! (: I really agree with CheerForever123

aturn said:
Oct 21 '13, 11:12AM

I totally agree, nice doesn't mean weak, it takes a lot to be nice.

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