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  • I have not lived in Pittsburgh for 53 years but scored 94%. who else rememers Demlings candy and ofcourse Isleys Klondikes and chipped ham. When I moved to Chicago noone knew what I was talking about when I asked for chipped ham or a gumband!

    Mary Lou Mar 2 '15, 2:30PM
  • Been in Minneapolis for 45 years. Still love to visit Pittsburgh and scored 100% on the quiz.

    cocohite Jul 15 '14, 2:03PM
  • I hear some people call it Pixburgh, my 7 year old granddaughter does. ha ha I always called it Pittsburgh. If you have never lived here, do not put down the city or the people.

    sunnybev6 Dec 11 '13, 7:51AM
  • yes, it was lemon blend and I loved it as well.

    sunnybev6 Dec 11 '13, 7:48AM
  • I will always love Pittsburgh. Live in Oklahoma and own a bar and restaurant in OKC. We sell Myron Cope's Terrible Towels. I am still made fun of for referring to a group of items and say "these ones". I even had a cat named Nebby. And trying to say the Oklahoma ya'all with a Pittsburgh accent youinsall.

    Nkitko Dec 1 '13, 11:39AM
  • Gone 50 years but I still managed to get 94% To MACNAM - Heinz may have made it at some point, but it began as Reymers Lemon Blend. Reymers was a candy and confectionary store.

    JRH Nov 30 '13, 8:12PM
  • 88% ? i thought for sure i got 100% ... where did i go wrong ?

    berezanichtt Nov 27 '13, 1:35PM

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