How Pennsylvania are You?

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Berryrose24 said:
Jul 1 '16, 7:17AM

This had me laughing so hard everything was so true.

Derpman40 said:
Mar 1 '16, 1:32AM

Bad quiz!

yoitskatie said:
Nov 10 '15, 12:03AM

Bruh I've lived in Pittsburgh my entire life
You'd think I'd know my s---

Jcmauch said:
Nov 9 '15, 10:47PM

1. Pierogies almost never contain meat, and don't need to be made from potato flour, just unleaven flour

2. It's EE-gles, not II-gles

3. It's St-ee-lers, not St-ill-lers. Pitt was a Steel town and then a City, not a Still.

4. Cheese Whiz is never used on anything, Ever. Especially not on Cheesesteaks. The Creator of Cheesewhiz said "they turned my creation into axel grease"

5. Go home, you're drunk

PhilyGal said:
Jun 11 '15, 4:39PM

What??? I got all 'dem apples right and all I got was a 50% correct. AND I'm eating a cheese steak from Tony Luke's. Also, I'm NOT a quaker! I hate this and have already rated this 0!

The_Windex said:
Feb 1 '15, 4:21PM

Heck I live in the hood in philly I think I know my crap and I got 0

theweatherman said:
Jul 13 '14, 5:00PM

I got 82%. I guess people with low scores should study their state a little bit more.

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