How Pakistani are you? (first class number one!)

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SLovesDisney said:
Jul 18 '17, 7:42AM

Got 56%
Wow I was born in England but most of my family is from Pakistan. My grandparents would probably score 100% on this quiz.

Well done it was a very funny quiz.

maham fatima said:
Jun 10 '17, 1:01PM


maiyra williams said:
Jan 31 '15, 4:43AM

I am not pakistani an indian an muslim well my name is khan and I am not a terarist I lv to watch ur movies really realistic I love my india and vatan mera india ;-)0:)

Zia said:
Jul 26 '14, 10:18AM

Ab to Modiji aa gaye aadee!!

aadee said:
May 13 '14, 7:17AM

Khabardaar Pak! Modi ji aane waale hain...

precioussoul said:
Jul 20 '13, 11:17PM

0% Lolz dont want t be a terrorist

Regular_Catz said:
Jul 14 '13, 11:55AM

2% hehe lol well cause im European/american
even though Asia is my fav. continent XD but i wouldn't fit in w/Pakistans at all

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