How original is your music?

With the thousands of bands/artists in the world, its sometimes hard to know if you have that something different. Originality is a hard thing to accomplish. are you just rehashing tryed and trusted techniques or are you truly an innovator. An original artist is someone who blurs the boundaries of genres and leaves people in awe of their music.

Do you write Original music? Or are you just another band/artist pumping out generic soulless music? are you ready to find out the truth about your capabilities? take this quiz and discover how fresh your music really is.

Created by: Oesophagus of Oesophagus
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1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. When writing a song you say to yourself..
does this sound like...?
if i change this one bit...
this is fresh...
thats something i've never come up with before.
4. Your band has a gig this weekend, you are playing...
with a reggae band, a metal/punk band, and a DJ.
with a lot of bands of the same genre.
at a pub, doing covers.
your freinds garage.
5. you are approached by a major label, do you...
sign up immediately, regardless of how much creative licence you lose.
talk about your options and try to negotiate a better deal.
not sign as you feel you will lose control over your music.
sign and start looking at doing side projaects.
feel your music isn't commercial enough to justify a major label signing you.
6. where do you find inspiration?
from tablature/sheet music.
from my band members.
from the radio/T.V.
from life.
from my favourite artists.
i dont know, just always inspired.
7. your fans are mostly...
weirdo's, really dont understand them.
average, normal, civilised people.
arty types, critical and cynical.
trendy, dedicated followers of fashion.
the same as other bands of your genre.
8. your first gig was..
at a friends party.
at an underground club.
a complete write off, but was fun and well received.
on a national t.v. show.
the same as every gig after.
9. when jamming at home do you...
play along with whole albums of your favourite bands.
practise for hour's on scales and/or rythym patterns and nothing else.
close your eyes and feel it flow.
look at different ways of playing the same notes.
try and invent new sounds/chords and time signatures.
the same stuff every time.
10. is your music easily related to a specific genre.
sort of.
not sure.
11. how many genres of music do you incorporate into your songs.
i write in more genres than i can name.
12. how many different genres of music do you listen to.
13. what is more important.
following the trends.
playing from the heart with style and flow.
playing the music you want to hear.
fame, girls, and money.
writing something you have never heard before.

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