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  • I am a native Oregonian and am 70 yrs, old. I believe this tested more one's knowledge of Portland and Wllamette Valley areas. We have huge Eastern OR, Coastal Region and Southern OR areas chock full of questions.

    jibloom Nov 21 '13, 10:21PM
  • I scored an 85% and that surprised me. I was 21 when I moved to Oregon permanently. My job puts me into contact with scores of Oregonians everyday. Along with my job and raisin' three children--for many years--well that probably helped my score tremendously!

    JLR_RIOS Oct 27 '13, 2:09PM
  • I'm a native, was exiled for only 2.5 years and scored only 76%. And grew up in John Day. Biased!

    fishingcat Oct 19 '13, 10:52PM
  • What Clark said -- this is a Portlandia quiz, not an Oregonian quiz.

    Neil, Vera, and Tom? That makes me think of Neil Goldschmidt, and Tom McCall, but I have no idea who "Vera" is. I seem to vaguely recall that Portland once had a mayor by that name, but I've never actually lived in Portalnd...

    Fartwrangler Mar 8 '13, 5:16PM
  • Only 31% Oregon?! I call BS! I have been living in the tiny, over a century old town of Gervais for as long as I can remember. For those who don't know, Gervais, OR, 97026, is a small town in between Brooks and Woodburn, founded in the early 1870s. I know this because looking left from my front yard shows me the damn sign. Pretty quaint town with about 9 out of 10 households being Mexican, no joke. Not to mention the high population of a--holes, dicks, and douchebags.

    Kurokaze14 Feb 3 '13, 1:29AM
  • You may have gone to school in Oregon, but you spent way too much time in Eugene or Corvallis. Time to come back.

    I live in Eugene and I'm confused...

    AlexTheCat Jan 7 '13, 2:20AM
  • I'm from Portland, Oregon! I lived in the smallest neighborhood, just 5 houses. That was it. 5 houses. But it was never boring.
    I'm 12 now and it's been a couple years since I moved to Arkansas. Now this place is boringggggg

    WOA Sep 29 '12, 1:53PM

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