How Nuneaton Are You?

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Six degrees of separation from Nuneaton? Everyone has a Sunny Nunny connection! Find out what yours is. Take this test to find out how Nuneaton you are!

Nuneaton... Some people pass it by on the M6 - get off at Corley Services!! Don't be scared if your train breaks down at Nuneaton station - jump off and explore the 24 hr ASDA! You might love it, you might never leave! Take this test to see if you're true Sunny Nunny!

Created by: Jo
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1. Mount Judd is...
A Saxon burial mound
Nuneaton's premier mountain climbing experience
A slag heap
An extinct volcano
2. Nuneaton's premier water feature is a fountain located on a traffic island near the town centre. What's it's nickname?
Tulip Fountain
Dandelion Fountain
Daisy Fountain
Sunflower Fountain
3. The Abbey Run is...
An annual charity fun run event
What happens if you buy your kebab from the van
A pub crawl
A guided tour of local churches
4. Not long after the opening of the Roanne Ringway, vandals altered the road sign so it read...
A Ring
On way
Poanne Pingway
Loanne Lingway
5. If you wore a red shirt to high school in the 1980's, which school did you attend?
Manor Park
Higham Lane
Alderman Smith
6. The lead singer of which 80's rock band comes from Nuneaton?
7. Nuneaton has twin towns in which three countries?
France, Spain, Germany
Austria, France, Spain
Italy, France, Australia
Holland, France, Spain
8. What was the real name of Victorian author and Nuneatonian George Eliot?
Georgina Eliot
Maria Ann Eliot
Georgina Evans
Mary Ann Evans
9. Which entertainer and comedian called Nuneaton home?
Paul Daniels
Benny Hill
Ronnie Barker
Larry Grayson
10. The Town Talk is...
A local newspaper
A pub
A group of gossiping women
A shopping mall
11. If you took the number 3 bus from the town centre, which area of Nuneaton would you find yourself in?
12. Which of the following is an area of Nuneaton?
13. If you 'went up the Cock'n'Bear' would you be...
Going to see the vicar
Breaking the law
Going up a hill or over a bridge
Having night out in Nuneaton's Entertainment District

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