How North Devon are you?

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Here in North Devon, we have many traditions that may seem odd to the outside world, but to us they make perfect sense. But just how much do you know about North Devon?

Do you know your tractors from your combine harvesters? Or you long boards from your Hybrids? Can you tell us where Woolfardisworthy is? Well, why don't you prove it? Take our quiz to find out just how North Devon you really are?

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3. When we say Fergie, we are talking about?
The lead singer of the Black Eyed Peas
The former manager of Manchester United
A small grey tractor
The Duchess of York
4. If you flexing your log on a fat barrel at Putts, what would you be doing?
Eating a large pie
Embarking on some amateur forestry
Surfing at Puttsborough
Baking a Christmas cake
5. What would you describe as "up North"?
Anywhere past Birmingham
Anywhere past London
Anywhere past Bristol
Newcastle and beyond
6. A Charollais is a type of
7. The air at home is
Fresh sea air
Filled with the smell of manure
Filled with exhaust fumes
8. When enjoying a nice cream tea, you?
Put the cream on, then the jam
Put the jam on first
Don't care - both taste great!
9. When heading for a country walk, the most important thing to take is?
A thick coat
An umbrella
Your dog/cat/ferret
Some heavy duty wellies
10. In North Devon, tourists are otherwise known as?
Holiday makers
11. Getting a red ring around your picture in the North Devon Journal is?
Embarrassing, everyone will see my picture
Great news, the drinks are on me
Oh dear, what have I done
12. The Clone Zone is?
A weird DNA testing lab
A maze where you avoid being caught by aliens
An internet cafe in Barnstaple
I don't know
13. When you walk into your local pub you?
Know 75% of the people in there
Find a quiet table out of the way
Order yourself a Scrumpy cider.
14. The prospect of a new supermarket is?
Great, more places to shop
We don't need one, we already have too many
An outrage, a reason to have a protest
15. How many times have you had to dance around a maypole in your life?
A few when I was a child
Every year, it's a tradition
16. London is?
A great city full of hustle and bustle
Too busy, too crowded, too loud
Nice for a break, but wouldn't want to live there
Amazing, I can't wait to move there
17. The most common problem when driving in North Devon is?
Narrow country lanes
Waiting for a herd of cattle to cross the road
18. If I said "2ft and messy" I would be describing?
My nephew who I have been looking after
The state of the hedgerows
The surf outlook
19. A night out means?
A quiet night down your local
A great night clubbing
A 30 minute taxi ride to Barnstaple
A barn dance
20. The best thing about North Devon is?
Hocking's Ice Cream
The beaches
The country side
Nothing, I want to leave

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