How New Jersey Are You?

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Katherine0708 said:
Aug 12 '12, 10:57PM


i love zayn said:
Jul 17 '12, 11:52AM

yah we do say yall but sometimes say you guys:D

i love zayn said:
Jul 17 '12, 11:51AM

i got 45 % and im from texas

liadoodle03 said:
Jun 17 '12, 8:33PM

yay 99% im from new jersey sodas good i would laugh if they said pop lol we don't say ya'll texas might lol ......

Kristinnjxo said:
May 30 '12, 2:26AM

It said 50% new jersey. Lol hubby I'm jersey born and raised and we dont speak with a new York accent. Or act like anyone from the show jersey shore. That show is bogus and offending.

savvysagelove said:
May 10 '12, 8:40PM

Im from nj i live in north bergen and go to jfk school

phoebe0204 said:
Mar 26 '12, 7:56PM

I'm from NORTH Jersey, too, Tucci78!

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