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CrazyNJboi said:
Aug 1 '08, 7:12PM

Born in (201), Grade School in (908), High School in (732), Married in (609). Best state in the union. And yes.. I've eatin' at Pizzaland.

Grini said:
Aug 1 '08, 6:11PM

I got a low score because one I don't live there (my uncle does) and two I'm not really old enough to do some of the stuff they asked... But OMG I love New Jersey!! In fact, I'm going there in 25 days!! :) :) :) :D :D :D

colombnx3 said:
Jul 28 '08, 8:23PM

dude; who ever tlks bad bout jersey yur a fuqkin hater. i understand y yu new yorkers think yur the shxt bcuzs yu have the empire state buildinq & sum other crap doesnt mean yur the best. i freakkin love new jersey! its the best place; i lived in ocean so thats even better. so fukk off haters.

yu just wanna be like us.
- i have family in NY & i like NY but still they r dirtier.

[732 all day babesz']

samisuessy said:
Jul 27 '08, 1:04AM

ha, born in new jersey.
raised in the philippines.
live in north carolina.
visited a coupla times.
loved it.
47%, lol.

jerseyfreak said:
Jul 26 '08, 11:08PM

I lived Off of exit 63 my hole life. I know nothing different than new jersey. never want to leave. My home is here no matter how much money it is. Traffic is no big deal. thats why we got rolled down windows and radio.

NJDEVSfan said:
Jul 18 '08, 11:49PM

Born and raised in New Jersey but I live in PA now..I LIKE PIE said he would rather live in PA...nah..we have crazy laws here too. You can't buy more than one six pack of beer at a grocery store and no liquor. Beer and liquor is not allowed to be sold together here..Stupid. Plus..I like when someone else pumps my gas. True we can buy fireworks but we still get in trouble for blowing them up somewhere "they don't want" I miss NJ

NJrocks said:
Jul 15 '08, 10:15AM

NO other state i'd rather live.. Love New Jersey.
diners, boardwalk.. bruce. love it.

jamma said:
Jul 8 '08, 4:07PM

it's "YOUS guys", not "you guys" - duh, get it right.


lexy said:
Jul 5 '08, 8:51PM

o.k jersey is great for the stores, no lines. and yes the malls. everyone comes here to tax. besides that beaches are so great, people are cheerful, sometimes.. don't get on they're bad side. lol. love the parks they are CLEAN..yes love that, and parades,fairs,good schools,contests, all the good things family's and people want to grow up with..btw... i love new yorkers who come here, they're great we are all one nation... and as a country we need to support each other.. esp.because we are in a recession. we need to allow others to give to our states, to allow better in our country. no division.. that's key.

ConCoon43 said:
Jul 4 '08, 11:38PM

%100 b----es, lol. BENNY'S GO HOME!!! and all the staten island guidos, get outta NJ! we don't like your kind, you're trying to make Jersey just like a mini NYC and its not! and it isn't ever gonna b, except jersey for what it is and not what you want it to be. New Jersey, the best dam country in the world!!!!!

vote_4_pedro said:
Jun 30 '08, 5:06PM


FMWarner said:
Jun 30 '08, 2:37AM

This quiz is obviously under the impression that the entire state of New Jersey is within a ten mile radius of NYC. I thought it was only people from other states that acted like this.

i like pie said:
Jun 24 '08, 8:19PM

55% Nj...Yeah, pretty much. I mean, I like the climate and the malls being on every corner, that's cool. But, the gay laws!!! No pumping your own gas. Total ban of fireworks! You can't just go to your local grocery store for beer! You have to go to a liquor store, which is forced to close at 10PM. Suppose your friends come over at 10:30PM and they want some beer but you're out. Your response: s---TT! You have to get a permit for an airgun... what are they going to do next? Force you to get a drinking license????? I mean, Jesus Christ!!! I like Pennsylvania better. Besides, It's nicer there.

hoes for show said:
Jun 23 '08, 3:16PM

i only took this once & scored a 94%. i'm so nj all the way. =)

twilighttown23 said:
Jun 23 '08, 2:53PM

96%, born and raised in central jersey, but just recently moved to Tennesse, ugh. and to all you new yorkers who say nj sucks and is horrible, how bout you just stay out of our amazing state in the summer. I mean if you hate it so much, why do i have to deal with you guys every summer? At least when we go up to your state, we have the deceny to be polite and not trash the place, like you do to our beachs.
girls from jersey are not homely and boring especially not from wall and belmar, and all of the other beautiful towns along the shore, and not every single guy is a druggie. The girls are beautiful and the guys are hot, which we know you know, or i wouldnt have to deal with your loser guido guys cat-calling at us. WE DONT WANT YOU! so just leave us alone.
Who f**kin cares if you cant make a left turn, what the hell do you think u-turns and jughandles are for??? New Jersey is the best effin place in the country. And i also happen to love New York, but not the BENNYS who make my sum

lukewpu said:
Jun 16 '08, 1:57AM

shiiit... read my 3 posts below in reverse...

lukewpu said:
Jun 16 '08, 1:55AM


pass in 5 minutes,

spot on the SEASIDE BOARDWALK (only legit boardwalk in the state) that STILL has dolla slices, dolla twenty five with a soda (and for extra credit, produce your VIP card for that establishment...)


the spot where you go "down the shore," when "SHORE POINTS" are NORTH of you from southern jersey. bc you may go to wildwood to "watch the tram car please," but to truly enjoy the jersey shore, all you guys better be within spitting distance of the boulevard this summer.

sip that haterade betch. i just preached truth.

lukewpu said:
Jun 16 '08, 1:52AM

my bad, meant 93%...

lukewpu said:
Jun 16 '08, 1:51AM

dear jrsygrlx3...

if you are truly from southern new jersey, then you are, in deed, from "south jersey", and you have nothing to be proud of and you have no right to try and rep the dirty jerz. dirty jerz, as you mentioned... encompasses all of north jersey, and most of central jersey... no further south than exit 98 on the parkway, or 7A on the turnpike. south of there, and you might as well be from virginia... with the exceptions of any of the shore towns, camden, or trenton. i suspect you hail from the hick-ass, back country regions of jersey that we TRUE NEW JERSEYians consider an overflow of pennsylvania.

so don't rep it like you know it, and lets get real... nobody from south jersey could POSSIBLY score a 99% and not have lied on at least 3 or 4 of their responses.

quick now...

name the:

3 major (major is at least 2 LANES or more in EACH DIRECTION)highways within 10 minutes,

several malls (not plazas or strip malls, there is a difference) you can pa

ikZ said:
Jun 13 '08, 3:18PM

We, especially in North Jersey, are the original New Yorkers. And just like any New Yorker, you'll end up moving to Jersey anyway lol. If we're the fart of New York, New York as tests have stated are the herpes of the world.

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