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awr1973 said:
Nov 3 '08, 12:07AM

to all you "south jersey" people. obviously if you call a sub a "hoagie" you are NOT from jersey. these questions are for all parts of the state. i got 85% and thats good for someone who moved out of jersey 3 years ago. at least i still know my state. lol. so if you dont like it, move.

quizdude said:
Oct 30 '08, 12:12AM

cndygrl where are you that you call it pork roll? It's taylor ham! Taylor is the brand anyway, but that's the name that stuck. Calling it pork roll is like calling sheetrock (brand name) drywall.

Mark said:
Oct 30 '08, 12:09AM

Good quiz. I love NJ!

shabnamphakanjfan said:
Oct 18 '08, 3:42PM

This is one heck of a idiotic quiz, I'm from England and have never been to America and yet I got 24% when I know A LOT about NJ because I'm addicted to Nick Jonas and he loves New Jersey meaning I know quite a bit comparason to this quiz!!!!!!

JerZBaddest5 said:
Oct 16 '08, 10:25AM

Jer-Z Finest:/ Born And Raised. A.C All Dai Crime Fam 6 -n-4 DirtBlok 3rd Blok S H K. Eastwick ta da Fullest. Death B4 Dishonor. Ya Dig

cndygrl said:
Oct 14 '08, 2:36PM

oh, and i've never had a "taylor ham sandwich" because we call it porkroll here! who makes up this crap?

cndygrl said:
Oct 14 '08, 2:35PM

This is the "How North Jersey Are You?" quiz. I don't go "down the shore" because I live AT the shore. I don't call it Joyzey because I don't talk like an idiot. Part of why Hollywood mocks us is because of all the idiots in North Jersey who think they represent the whole state. Half of you are broke New Yorkers who just can't afford to live there so you moved down here. Stop giving the rest of us a bad name. Oh, and Lexy, unless you live in Lakewood, the rest of us have sales tax. Maybe you're from Delaware and don't know it?

converse41 said:
Oct 9 '08, 7:40PM

i got a bad score cuz im not from jersey, but im moving there one day (probably)

Hermonisboss said:
Oct 3 '08, 6:14PM

I don't like it that this quiz has all the questions for North Jersey people. I'm from South Jersey, and i got 80 percent New Jersey, but it should of asked more stuff like "Do u know what Real corn should taste like" or "Do u know what a real Hoagie, cheesteake, and soft pretzal should taste like". Somewhat one-sided to me

Mark said:
Aug 20 '08, 9:18PM

New Jersey, born and raised. Best state in the union!

Mark said:
Aug 20 '08, 9:07PM

New Jersey, born and raised. Best state in the union!

CrazyNJboi said:
Aug 1 '08, 7:12PM

Born in (201), Grade School in (908), High School in (732), Married in (609). Best state in the union. And yes.. I've eatin' at Pizzaland.

Grini said:
Aug 1 '08, 6:11PM

I got a low score because one I don't live there (my uncle does) and two I'm not really old enough to do some of the stuff they asked... But OMG I love New Jersey!! In fact, I'm going there in 25 days!! :) :) :) :D :D :D

colombnx3 said:
Jul 28 '08, 8:23PM

dude; who ever tlks bad bout jersey yur a fuqkin hater. i understand y yu new yorkers think yur the shxt bcuzs yu have the empire state buildinq & sum other crap doesnt mean yur the best. i freakkin love new jersey! its the best place; i lived in ocean so thats even better. so fukk off haters.

yu just wanna be like us.
- i have family in NY & i like NY but still they r dirtier.

[732 all day babesz']

samisuessy said:
Jul 27 '08, 1:04AM

ha, born in new jersey.
raised in the philippines.
live in north carolina.
visited a coupla times.
loved it.
47%, lol.

jerseyfreak said:
Jul 26 '08, 11:08PM

I lived Off of exit 63 my hole life. I know nothing different than new jersey. never want to leave. My home is here no matter how much money it is. Traffic is no big deal. thats why we got rolled down windows and radio.

NJDEVSfan said:
Jul 18 '08, 11:49PM

Born and raised in New Jersey but I live in PA now..I LIKE PIE said he would rather live in PA...nah..we have crazy laws here too. You can't buy more than one six pack of beer at a grocery store and no liquor. Beer and liquor is not allowed to be sold together here..Stupid. Plus..I like when someone else pumps my gas. True we can buy fireworks but we still get in trouble for blowing them up somewhere "they don't want" I miss NJ

NJrocks said:
Jul 15 '08, 10:15AM

NO other state i'd rather live.. Love New Jersey.
diners, boardwalk.. bruce. love it.

jamma said:
Jul 8 '08, 4:07PM

it's "YOUS guys", not "you guys" - duh, get it right.


lexy said:
Jul 5 '08, 8:51PM

o.k jersey is great for the stores, no lines. and yes the malls. everyone comes here to tax. besides that beaches are so great, people are cheerful, sometimes.. don't get on they're bad side. lol. love the parks they are CLEAN..yes love that, and parades,fairs,good schools,contests, all the good things family's and people want to grow up with..btw... i love new yorkers who come here, they're great we are all one nation... and as a country we need to support each other.. esp.because we are in a recession. we need to allow others to give to our states, to allow better in our country. no division.. that's key.

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