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lukewpu said:
Jun 16 '08, 1:55AM


pass in 5 minutes,

spot on the SEASIDE BOARDWALK (only legit boardwalk in the state) that STILL has dolla slices, dolla twenty five with a soda (and for extra credit, produce your VIP card for that establishment...)


the spot where you go "down the shore," when "SHORE POINTS" are NORTH of you from southern jersey. bc you may go to wildwood to "watch the tram car please," but to truly enjoy the jersey shore, all you guys better be within spitting distance of the boulevard this summer.

sip that haterade betch. i just preached truth.

lukewpu said:
Jun 16 '08, 1:52AM

my bad, meant 93%...

lukewpu said:
Jun 16 '08, 1:51AM

dear jrsygrlx3...

if you are truly from southern new jersey, then you are, in deed, from "south jersey", and you have nothing to be proud of and you have no right to try and rep the dirty jerz. dirty jerz, as you mentioned... encompasses all of north jersey, and most of central jersey... no further south than exit 98 on the parkway, or 7A on the turnpike. south of there, and you might as well be from virginia... with the exceptions of any of the shore towns, camden, or trenton. i suspect you hail from the hick-ass, back country regions of jersey that we TRUE NEW JERSEYians consider an overflow of pennsylvania.

so don't rep it like you know it, and lets get real... nobody from south jersey could POSSIBLY score a 99% and not have lied on at least 3 or 4 of their responses.

quick now...

name the:

3 major (major is at least 2 LANES or more in EACH DIRECTION)highways within 10 minutes,

several malls (not plazas or strip malls, there is a difference) you can pa

ikZ said:
Jun 13 '08, 3:18PM

We, especially in North Jersey, are the original New Yorkers. And just like any New Yorker, you'll end up moving to Jersey anyway lol. If we're the fart of New York, New York as tests have stated are the herpes of the world.

jrsygrlx3 said:
Jun 8 '08, 5:02PM

93% jersey, yo i'm deff. a jersey girl!
born and raised in the dirty souff jerze baby, and proud of it.(:

[856] representinn. :]

blah12 said:
Jun 8 '08, 10:53AM

First off for the first ghetto new yorker who posted a comment, people from belmar aren't weird, or probably just not used to seeing with people with money. And yes there is a lot of drug addicts but thats the whole state of new jersey. and Jersey Rocks, central nj is just confused because we are stuck in between the north and the south,

ACPALI2 said:
Jun 5 '08, 10:02PM

I'm 92% New Jersey!!!!! I was not born in Jersey, but I had lived in Jersey for over 30 yrs, and PROUD OF IT!!!!!!

gh2008 said:
Jun 2 '08, 4:52PM

51% wooo thats good for me, i dont live in NJ but i do go there sometimes

lilaura said:
May 30 '08, 2:31PM

ha ha 100% b----es! 973 reppin

Crown22 said:
May 23 '08, 3:45PM

Born and raised in Jersey. 201, definitely aint no other state like it. We literally are the Originators of everything. Born a jersey boy and will die a jersey boy.

batana01 said:
May 13 '08, 7:16PM

omfg...i was born and am being raised in central jersey yet, i got a 39% :(

kay nova said:
May 9 '08, 5:47PM

Ima proud joyzee boy and proud 2 be a jerezyan

haley said:
May 7 '08, 3:46PM

93%, I'm def a jersey girl :]

ritakoelle said:
May 3 '08, 10:31PM

84% are jokeing i have lived in nj for 27 year wildwood at that

Jomama said:
May 1 '08, 5:09PM

I hate Jersey. Who would like a place where you typically cannot make left hand turns?? That place is backwards.

jerseygurl4life101 said:
Apr 28 '08, 6:13PM

omg i just totally love new jersey i was born and raised here all of my life and between mudding quadding extreme sledding and snow tubing i am always busy nj is such a wonderful amazing place and i love it soooooooooooooooooo o much and i absoulutley hate it wen ppl talk crap on it but its ok they just dont understand how wonderful it is!!!

sbo246 said:
Apr 23 '08, 9:41AM

100%!!!! Hahaha. I don't think, I know my neighbor is in the Mafia, LOL. This quiz is stupid, there's way more to Jersey than this stupid crap.

sunfire1196 said:
Apr 12 '08, 5:07PM

Only 89% Jersey. What the ---- is the rest of me? Now that's a question a Jersey person would ask? You gotta problem with that?

sunfire1196 said:
Apr 12 '08, 4:42PM

Only 89% Jersey. What the ---- is the rest of me? Now that's a question a Jersey person would ask>

NJFatBoy said:
Apr 12 '08, 3:55AM

only scored 82%....I didn't know where to find the dollar pizza; it's been more than twenty years since I've been to the boardwalk, and I don't watch the Sopranos..

Anybo dy know this one: "I've been to lot's of places, seen pictures of the rest. But of all the places I have been to, I like Jersey best"

This was fun....."ain't no Jersey strangers, just friemds we haven't met"

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