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  • 100%!!!! Hahaha. I don't think, I know my neighbor is in the Mafia, LOL. This quiz is stupid, there's way more to Jersey than this stupid crap.

    sbo246 Apr 23 '08, 9:41AM
  • Only 89% Jersey. What the ---- is the rest of me? Now that's a question a Jersey person would ask? You gotta problem with that?

    sunfire1196 Apr 12 '08, 5:07PM
  • Only 89% Jersey. What the ---- is the rest of me? Now that's a question a Jersey person would ask>

    sunfire1196 Apr 12 '08, 4:42PM
  • only scored 82%....I didn't know where to find the dollar pizza; it's been more than twenty years since I've been to the boardwalk, and I don't watch the Sopranos..

    Anybo dy know this one: "I've been to lot's of places, seen pictures of the rest. But of all the places I have been to, I like Jersey best"

    This was fun....."ain't no Jersey strangers, just friemds we haven't met"

    NJFatBoy Apr 12 '08, 3:55AM
  • i used 2 live in jersey i was born there and lived there most of my life even when i moved 2 PA i was still in jersey more than PA now im all the way across the country in New Mexico it sux i miss jersey there was always sumthin 2 do there especially where i lived ghetto p-burg but still fun as s--- and i scored a 95% thank you

    MaMi_OF_1 Apr 10 '08, 4:27PM
  • im 74%

    jds2113 Apr 7 '08, 8:59PM
  • That was a cool quiz but my knowledge of Jersey consists of watching Kevin Smith movies. I've lived on the other end of the country my whole life.

    Cat_Z Mar 31 '08, 2:50PM
  • That was a nice quiz even though I've only been there once. BTW: Sry, I used to be XXOVANXX, but I forgot my password.

    XovanX Mar 14 '08, 4:14PM
  • 78% yep theres still some new jersey in it has been a while since i have been back home but yep new jersey all the way baby, rachel reo

    prettypink _hair Mar 7 '08, 10:36AM
  • 15%. yeah, im not new jersey. i live in canada and have never been anywhere close to new jersey. but i would like to go to new jersey and the new jersey devils rock!

    r_guitar Mar 5 '08, 6:47PM
  • i got 20% per cent :)



    Lozze Mar 5 '08, 3:55PM
  • reply for guest 234
    Born and raised a NickyNewarker and very proud of it!

    First of all, why would you want to split up NJ- north & south? NJ is fine just the way it is, whether you are from the north or the south, I love it either way, farms..beach..ghetto., you name it. I live in Fl, enough with the bs of the north and south, I have to deal with the rednecks and their confederate pride.
    Since I last checked in the history book the Civil War ended in 1865.

    jeter2 Mar 3 '08, 11:49AM
  • How about this one... If you ever got stuck driving behind a Buick with the old blue license plates, driven by a grey haired guy wearing a VFW hat and really big sunglasses.. Chances are you are in New Jersey!

    delta156 Feb 26 '08, 11:54PM
  • and i got a 42...45%...... :)

    jbjlosthighway Feb 19 '08, 2:33AM
  • I am missing out a little bit but i am from Pennsylvania so yeah but i've been to Jersey plenty of times..actully thats the only other state i've ever been :)

    jbjlosthighway Feb 19 '08, 2:26AM
  • u got to love jersey born and raised in newark n proud of it 973 all day, but didn't like da s--- dey put about newark n elizabeth being a dump it may be but u got to admit theres alot more things to do and see over here den u cud in south jerz.

    goondaloxx Feb 15 '08, 6:00PM
  • I was born in Puerto Rico but raised in New Jersey. First South Plainfield then North Plainfield and then Bayonne, the best city in the entire nation. We moved back to Puerto Rico and I now live in Florida but I am and always will be a JERSEY GIRL! I love and miss the four seasons and all of the wonderful stuff New Jersey has to offer.

    Leeanne1129 Feb 9 '08, 6:26PM
  • born n raised in south jerseyyyy <333 repen all those people that say jersey suxx yur juss haten....once u live there ull <333 it and south and north are both jerseyyy so u shold lik bothh...<3

    Jerseygurlxox Feb 5 '08, 9:11PM
  • I'm from Pensylvania...but I got a 74% anyway!
    They r pretty similar and i go ther alot

    xoBxNxRox Feb 3 '08, 1:32PM
  • I was born in NYC, but raised in NJ, and have lived in NJ most of my life. I wound up 66% New Jersey.

    Not all Jerseyans necessarily have Italian friends...

    Rickyrab Jan 30 '08, 9:54AM
  • Ok I was born and raised in New Jersey I was born in Patterson,i lived in Orange,East Orange, and Hackensack. So this test is for certain people. Not for the parts that i come from peace out and next time keep it real for all the people who live in all parts of New Jersey !

    kimberly Jan 26 '08, 1:55PM
  • *it's in

    imright Jan 20 '08, 9:11AM

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