How Much Utah is in You?

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RavenBlackwood said:
Jul 29 '14, 12:38PM

Zero percent Utahness!!! Wooo!!! WolfAtHeart, I could not agree with you more :)

RavenBlackwood said:
Jul 29 '14, 12:37PM

Zero percent Utahness!!! Wooo!!! WolfAtHeart, I could not agree with you more :)

Hahaohh said:
Jul 9 '14, 2:31PM

Ahh, I'm from Utah. Its not that bad, there aren't as many mormon people here as you'd think. Unfortunately, the biggoted idiots run the place which is why it's the laughing stock of the nation. Fould leadership, but some awesome people, if you can wade through the pollution of children and hick idots having them, preeching their bible bulls--- onto everyone. Oh, and the food here sucks ass.

macyboo said:
Feb 17 '14, 2:05PM

Heh, I have lived in Utah my whole life and I got 10%
Most likely because I am one of 10 atheists in the stae.
Mormons can be IDIOTS. But some are nice.

Sissy cantu said:
Dec 25 '13, 5:06PM

I been here less than two yrs and got 18.goes to show I'm a true Texan lol

Creedbaby said:
Dec 9 '13, 11:24AM

I hate Utah, I got that is not a surprise. I would like to live elsewhere, but I'm trapped here.

charla stone said:
Nov 22 '13, 10:52AM

I scored 44% and I have never even been to Utah. So I guess it's highly contagious.

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