How Much of a Yankee are You?

Yankee....A description of regional origin? State of Mind? Perhaps both! Yankees were rebels in the American Revolution, the Established Order in the Civil War, Hardscrabble farmers and laborers in the depression who passed down an incredible amount of common-sense and knowledge (mostly about making things work) to their heirs. How much do we remember?

Are YOU a Yankee? Do you have what it takes to turn rocky soil into food, scrub into fuel, or spare parts into....whatever you need? This quiz will help you find out.

Created by: Eric Yuhas
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Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
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3. A Yankee is...
A member of a New York MLB team
Anyone who lives north of the Mason-Dixon Line
Anyone who lives in New England.
Anyone who lives in New England and can trace his/her ancestry to cthe Colonial Period.
4. Your house is...
Part of a development.
At least 100 years old.
I live in an apartment.
In great need of professional attention.
5. While mopping the floor, you break your mop. You...
Angrily chuck the mop through the nearest open door/window.
Carefully remove the mop head and save the handle in case you need it.
Throw the mop in the trash.
6. A stone wall is...
A property boundary marker.
A quaint reminder of days of yore.
An obstacle to be climbed over while walking in the woods.
Your current project.
A handsome architectural feature.
7. Your front stoop is....
Not quite finished yet.
A wonderful threshold to your beautiful house.
Starting to disintegrate from a few too many winters.
I don't have one--It would raise my property taxes!
8. You have a hammer. How did you acquire it?
My father gave it to me with much ceremony on my thirteenth birthday.
I bought it at Home Depot.
I bought it at the local hardware store.
My father wouldn't give it to me, so I stole it when I left home.
I found it in the street.
9. You have a major review coming up at work. You tell yourself to...
Hold your head high--you're good enough, strong enough, and, gosh darnit, people LIKE you!
Expect the worst and then be pleasantly surprised.
Find a new job.
Tell the boss what you really think of her.
Suck it up and deal, no matter what happens.
10. There's a foot of snow on your roof. You...
Scoop some of the edges off with your shovel so you don't get icicles.
Wait for it to melt.
Climb up on the roof and shovel it off.
11. You have a grandparent that lived past...
12. You're sitting on the toilet in the morning. You are...
Reading the newspaper.
Concentrating on the task at hand.
Shooting squirrels out the back window with your .22.
Doing a crossword.
Reading a novel.
Surfing the internet.
13. You have a realative or an ancestor that served in (name the oldest)....
World War 1
The Spanish-American War
The Civil War
The American Revolution
The French and Indian War
14. Fall foliage:
A nuisance
15. Power Tools:
A convenience
Spawned by the Devil
They Rock!--MORE POWER!
Accepted for practicality's sake, but grudgingly
16. You heat your house with:
Natural Gas
A combination of any of the above.
17. You need a new article of furniture. You...
Do without until next season.
Buy it.
Attempt to make it from the spare parts in your basement.
Buy new materials and build it.
18. A new neighbor moves in. You...
Help the movers get stuff into the house.
Take over a pot of beans.
Build a fence.
Look at them suspiciously for five years, then shovel their driveway in the middle of the night.
Tell them everything that's wrong with the neighborhood.
Kick their dog.
19. You have a severe cold. You...
Put a shot of SoCo in your tea and then go to bed.
Take an over-the-counter medicine and then go to work.
Take an over-the-counter medicine and then go to bed.
Put a shot of SoCo in your tea and then go to work.

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