How Much Internet Slang Do You Use?

Through the age of computer chatting and instant messaging, a certain brand of internet slang and lingo has evolved. Some use internet slang extensively well others look upon it with disgust!

Where do you fit in in regards to usage of internet slang. Are you overtly against internet slang? Do you uSe TyPiNg ThAt L00kS lYk ThIs?!?!?11 Or do you lie somewhere in between?

Created by: CrazyAl51033
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. The test is simple... Just select the phrase you are most likely to use in an online conversation.
You should have seen what happened at the mall today.
lol! you should've seen what happened at the mall today
lol u shouldve seen wat happened at the mall 2day
OMG ROTFL u shuld seen wat happnd @ da mall 2day LMAO :PPP
OMG LMAOROTFL!!!11! u ShUlD c WaT hApPnD 2DaY @ dA mAlLzzz !!!111!!11
4. What do you use for laughter.
That is very funny!
lololol :PP
5. You are having an IM conversation, when for some unspecified reason, you need to leave the computer for a couple minutes. You say to your friend...
Oh, excuse me, but I will be back in a couple minutes.
g2g ill bbl lolz
iLl BrB!!!11!11
6. imho means...
I'm not sure (well I know now looking at the other answer choices, but I didn't know before)
In My Honest Opinion... I use it a little bit
It means "in my honest opinion," but honestly, I could care less.
^ wth kinda answer choice is that!
7. You're in a chat room and somebody PM's you with a/s/l.... How do you respond?
"PM?" "a/s/l?" I have no idea what either of those mean. Sorry.
I dont give out asl.... it's none of their business.
16/F/FL (or whatever your info is)
u respond... "lolz u tell me 1st"
You angrily reply with some form of an expletive and proceed to berate them culminating to their addition to your ignore list.
8. Out of the following, which screen name would you be most likely to pick out. (In terms of format, not what the screen name actually is)
XX DiAbLo 88 XX
9. If someone constantly uses bad grammar or poor punctuation, you...
I correct them immediately!
I let it slide. It's their problem, not mine.
ah whatev... thats jus how ppl talk online
i aWe OvEr ThErE kEwLnEsS
^ it should be "their"... not "there"
10. Do you have colored fonts on your instant messaging programs?
No. I only have plain black and white.
I dont... but it wouldnt really bother me to have colored fonts. I just dont care enough.
yup. I do
OMG!!!11 YES!!! its PINK!!!! LLOLZ
OMG!!!11.... no
11. Do you feel any sort of annoyance towards people who use excessive internet slang (e.g. tAwK lYk ThIs AlL dA tImE)
Yes! Indeed I do! It represents how teenagers today have immature attitudes and are lacking in regards to education.
Yeah... it annoys me a bit. Those people should just grow up.
a bit... it's their problem tho
no... my frends talk lyk that a lot. I think its gr8
hAhA i DoNt KnOw WaT u MeAn HoW r ThEy TaWkIn AnY wEiRd WaY?!?!?!?11
12. Last Question. How do you greet people online?
Hello! How are you today?
hi. what's up?
hey sup
yo wat up dude
yO yO LOL WaT uP!1 lMaOROTFL!!>!~!2

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