How Much Do You Really Like Him?

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lakeshine said:
Apr 14 '16, 9:16PM

You 73% like him!

I feel a big spark here! You definitely have a crush on this guy. According to your answers, you like almost everything about him. Go for it and I hope it works out!

btstrash said:
Jan 13 '16, 7:25PM


Kaylin said:
Apr 1 '15, 9:09AM

I got a 67% which doesnt really bother me i just took this quiz because i was concused but honestly these questions were really creepy !

hello guys said:
Feb 21 '15, 3:32PM

84 percent. o.k. with me. i know i like him.

SilverShadow said:
Mar 6 '13, 9:06PM

You 52% like him!

You seem to like this guy a bit! There's a few ticks and scratches but I think with your answers, you can make it work because you actually like him!

beep said:
Dec 22 '11, 4:22AM comment 3 stars.I know. I am cruel.

Wolfeyes77 said:
Dec 21 '11, 9:58PM

84% X)P I happy

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