How Much Do You Really Like Him?

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Are you not sure what you really think of that new crush of yours? Is he switching you on and off about whether you like him? This quiz was designed to help you decide how much you really like this guy! Who knows, it could just be a thing, or it could be love!

When taking this quiz make sure to answer as honestly as you can. Who's feelings are you gonna hurt, his? Not really, haha. This quiz is meant to benefit you and only you in deciding what you really think of your crush. The questions and scoring is as accurate as possible, so please enjoy. If you still have doubts about your results, try some of my other relationship quizzes.

Created by: Seritori
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. When you see him, do you get butterflies or knots in your stomach?
Sort of.
Never noticed.
Well I'm not that type...
4. Do you think he's cute or hot?
He's such a cutie pie!
He is SMOKING hot!!!
He's good-looking... in between kind of.
Well he's actually not that good looking.. but I still like him!
5. Is he shorter or taller than you?
Taller, I like my men tall....
Shorter, but I don't mind! I think it's cute!
Shorter, kind of bugs me now that I think about it.......
About the same size.
6. Do you really like his personality?
Yeah it's my favorite thing about him!
Hehe, it's good but I'd fix like one thing.
Yeah I think it's great.
It's okay, not my favorite thing... good thing he's cute.
Well not really.. Some things he does just makes me wanna twitch...
7. Is he smart?
Yes! I love a smart man.
Yeah, but even if he wasn't it'd be okay.
He's pretty smart.
Not really, but it's okay, I still like him!
Not at all, it kind of bugs me sometimes you know?
8. Do you sometimes find yourself smiling thinking about him?
All the time! It's so embarassing.
Yes!!! When I noticed I slapped myself for being a creep...
Every once in a while, it's nice.
I don't really think about him... I usually think about something more important.. so no..
Well... think about him.. yes... smile... I'm not that weird.
9. Do you ever find yourself staring at him just out of habit?
Haha.... all the time.. *blush*
Every now and then.
Sometimes, but once I realize what I'm doing I look elsewhere.
No I try not to pay attention so I don't creep him out.
Well I'm not the "staring" type..
10. When you realize you are staring, what's your reaction?
I keep staring.. I was already doing it so why stop now..
I stare for a little bit longer but I look away so I don't feel creepy.
I tend to blush and look elsewhere.. but sometimes I take a few peeks back at him.. hehe.
I freak out in my head and look away so he won't notice.
I don't stare..............
11. If he looks at you while you're looking at him, what's your reaction?
Hold his gaze... savor the moment...
Blush and look away... oh my god embarassing!!!
Smile and look away a few seconds later.
Turn your head the other way... I can't believe he noticed.... He's gonna think I'm a creep now...
Smile and look away... but look back when he isn't looking.. hehe..
I don't stare. What's with you creeps?
12. Do you like his style?
Yep it's totally hot!
Its pretty good, like any other guy. No complaints here!
I can think of better but it doesn't bug me.
I wish he'd let me dress him.. looks like a hobo some days...
I don't know, when we talk I imagine him naked.
13. Do you like his hair?
It is sooooo SEXY.
Its really cute! I like it.
It's my favorite part about him!
I don't really notice it, but it's okay I guess.
...It actually really bugs me.
I tell him it's stupid but I really love it... just for an excuse to touch it and "fix it." c; Tricky tricky.
14. Do you like his smile?
Aww yes its so perfect!
Its really nice.
I'm jealous of his beautiful smile!
He's got some messed up teeth but who cares!
It's actually really unattractive.. keep that mouth closed man..
15. How much do you think you actually like him?
A lot I think!
Well based on this.. not as much as before.. but still somewhat!
I don't know, I'm really confused about my feelings!
Still quite a bit!
I think we're a perfect match!
Well after this..... thinking back.. not a lot...

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