How Much Do You Know About The Joker ?

There's a lot of people out there who like The Joker , but few who actually know about him . Who is The Joker ? He is Batman's arch-nemesis and the most dangerous villain the world's ever seen . There's a lot more to him than meets the eye . .

So , you think you know all there is to know about the man called 'Joker' ? HA ha HA ha HA ! And I thought MY jokes were bad . . Well , let's find out how much you REALLY know and how much you PRETEND to know . - wHy sO sEriOus ? :)

Created by: Harley Quinn

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  1. What's the name of the clown The Joker portrays at the bank heist in the beginning of the movie ?
  2. Fill in the blank - "You wanna know why I use a knife ? Guns are too _____ ."
  3. What 2 things does The Joker eat / drink when he invades Bruce Wayne's mansion party ?
  4. What year was The Joker first introduced ?
  5. Who played The Joker in the 1960's Batman Series ?
  6. When The Joker showed up to the mob's meeting , what 'magic trick' did he perform ?
  7. What year did 'The Dark Knight' come out ?
  8. How many different stories does The Joker tell about how he got his scars ?
  9. Who is the first person that The Joker kills in 'The Dark Knight' ?
  10. On which side of The Joker's face are the scars more curvy ?
  11. How much money did The Joker steal in the bank robbery that he organized ?
  12. Who did The Joker intend to kill after the judge and comissioner ?
  13. About who does The Joker tell a story to Gambol while holding a knife in his mouth ?
  14. Fill in the blank - "This world deserves a better class of ________ and I'm gonna give it to them!"
  15. The Joker says that he wants Coleman Reese dead in __ _______ .
  16. What happens to The Joker at the end of 'The Dark Knight' ?
  17. What is The Joker's REAL name ?
  18. Fill in the blanks - "My father was a _______ and a _____ ."
  19. What is the REAL name of the woman who is in love with The Joker ?
  20. What weapon does The Joker favor using on his victims ?
  21. Which of these is NOT one of The Joker's nicknames ?
  22. What word is used to describe The Joker most in 'The Dark Knight' ?
  23. To prepare for his role as The Joker , what did Heath Ledger do ?
  24. "You either die a hero , or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain ." Which character in the movie says this ?
  25. How many men does The Joker use in the bank heist ? (Not including himself .)
  26. In the chase scene when The Joker is in the back of the truck , what 3 weapons does he use to try and destroy the SWAT car and kill Dent ?
  27. How did The Joker kill Rachel Dawes ?
  28. What is The Joker's ultimate goal ?
  29. What was the name of the first person The Joker told his 'scar story' to ?
  30. Fill in the blank - "I believe whatever doesn't kill you , simply makes you ________ ."
  31. When The Joker tells Rachel Dawes his 'scar story' , what does she do ?

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