How Much Do You Know About The Joker ?

There's a lot of people out there who like The Joker , but few who actually know about him . Who is The Joker ? He is Batman's arch-nemesis and the most dangerous villain the world's ever seen . There's a lot more to him than meets the eye . .

So , you think you know all there is to know about the man called 'Joker' ? HA ha HA ha HA ! And I thought MY jokes were bad . . Well , let's find out how much you REALLY know and how much you PRETEND to know . - wHy sO sEriOus ? :)

Created by: Harley Quinn
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1. What's the name of the clown The Joker portrays at the bank heist in the beginning of the movie ?
2. Fill in the blank - "You wanna know why I use a knife ? Guns are too _____ ."
3. What 2 things does The Joker eat / drink when he invades Bruce Wayne's mansion party ?
Mini hotdogs , whiskey
Crawfish , wine
Lobster , beer
Shrimp , champagne
4. What year was The Joker first introduced ?
5. Who played The Joker in the 1960's Batman Series ?
Heath Ledger
Cesar Romero
Jack Nicholson
Jim Carrey
6. When The Joker showed up to the mob's meeting , what 'magic trick' did he perform ?
He made a pencil dissapear
He did something with a deck of playing cards
He made thousands of dollars appear out of thin air
He did something involving the use of a magic wand
7. What year did 'The Dark Knight' come out ?
8. How many different stories does The Joker tell about how he got his scars ?
9. Who is the first person that The Joker kills in 'The Dark Knight' ?
Brian Douglas
A random person
The school bus driver
Harvey Dent
10. On which side of The Joker's face are the scars more curvy ?
The left side
The right side
Aren't they the same ?
How would I know ?
11. How much money did The Joker steal in the bank robbery that he organized ?
68 million
38 million
58 million
8 million
12. Who did The Joker intend to kill after the judge and comissioner ?
Rachel Dawes
Alfred Pennyworth
Harvey Dent
13. About who does The Joker tell a story to Gambol while holding a knife in his mouth ?
His sister
His mother
His father
His dog
14. Fill in the blank - "This world deserves a better class of ________ and I'm gonna give it to them!"
15. The Joker says that he wants Coleman Reese dead in __ _______ .
60 minutes
60 seconds
60 days
60 milliseconds
16. What happens to The Joker at the end of 'The Dark Knight' ?
He escapes
He kills himself
He lets Batman kill him
He gets taken into custody
17. What is The Joker's REAL name ?
Joseph Kerr
Jack Napier
John Joker
18. Fill in the blanks - "My father was a _______ and a _____ ."
Jerk , prick
Drinker , Fiend
Fiend , prick
Drinker , jerk
19. What is the REAL name of the woman who is in love with The Joker ?
Harleen Quinzel
Poison Ivy
Harley Quinn
Cat Woman
20. What weapon does The Joker favor using on his victims ?
Razor-edged playing cards
A switchblade
50 caliber sniper rifle
Chemical substances
21. Which of these is NOT one of The Joker's nicknames ?
The Ace of Knaves
The Harlequin of Hate
The Evil Jester of Jokes
The Clown Prince of Crime
22. What word is used to describe The Joker most in 'The Dark Knight' ?
23. To prepare for his role as The Joker , what did Heath Ledger do ?
He spent a month alone in a hotel room
He dressed up as The Joker everyday
He set out to find Batman and kill him
He did nothing to prepare for his role as The Joker
24. "You either die a hero , or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain ." Which character in the movie says this ?
The Joker
Rachel Dawes
Coleman Reese
Harvey Dent
25. How many men does The Joker use in the bank heist ? (Not including himself .)
26. In the chase scene when The Joker is in the back of the truck , what 3 weapons does he use to try and destroy the SWAT car and kill Dent ?
Assault rifle , handgun , grenades
Sub-machine gun , shotgun , rocket launcher
Sniper rifle , rocket launcher , pistol
Flamethrower , tommy gun , assault rifle
27. How did The Joker kill Rachel Dawes ?
He blew her up
He cut her with his knife
He threw her out a window
He shot her in the head
28. What is The Joker's ultimate goal ?
To kill Batman
To take over the world
To rule Gotham
It changes from day to day
29. What was the name of the first person The Joker told his 'scar story' to ?
Salvatore Maroni
The Chechen
Rachel Dawes
30. Fill in the blank - "I believe whatever doesn't kill you , simply makes you ________ ."
31. When The Joker tells Rachel Dawes his 'scar story' , what does she do ?
Knees him in the groin
Punches him in the face
Runs away
Starts crying uncontrollably

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