How Much Do You Know About Snakes?

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Susi said:
Jul 9 '16, 12:05PM

I got a 100. . And btw most venomous snake is inland tipan and second is hydrophis beicheri. . . Well king cobra can be included as it have largest amount of venom. . Super easy quiz

Adder_Snake said:
May 4 '16, 9:41PM

I got a hundred and diamond backs are real and you should have put down black mamba as one of the most poisonous snaked, oh and pythons, anacondas, constrict, not poisonous, i've pet a corn snake on the lower jaw (safest even if not poisonous) and i know it wasn't milked, and coral snakes are highly toxic. Bam i nailed this thing.

Phantomcobra said:
Apr 22 '14, 3:19PM

I love snakes! I'm pretty sure I made half the quizzes here. It's nice to find one I didn't make! :D

I would like to point out that coral snakes aren't that deadly. :P

mya403 said:
Jul 17 '12, 8:18PM

40 percent but i got my info from animal planet like embertiger

embertiger said:
Mar 29 '12, 3:34PM

60%. all i've ever learned about snakes came from animal planet

Chrisrox2001 said:
Feb 24 '11, 12:11PM

I GOT 100% AWSOME, I DID'NT KNOW I KNEW SO MUCH!!!!!(I did'nt go back and change the answers and cheat!!!)

theboso said:
Feb 22 '11, 6:46PM

snakes cool............... ....what are snakes again?

Mythologyfreak said:
Jan 23 '11, 7:10PM

80%! I love reptiles especially snakes! SNAKES ROCK!!!!!!!
WOOOOO OT!!!!!!!

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