How much do you know about planes?

You have always wanted to be a pilot and you think you know enough about planes to be able to fly one. In this quiz you can see how much you really know about planes!

Are you a true pilot? Well find out by taking my quiz, and see how much you know about planes. If you get a high score in this quiz, you might just be able to fly a real plane!

Created by: Steve
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1. First of all, how do you make a plane go?
Step on the gas pedal
Push the throttle lever forward
Tell the plane to go
Uhmmmm, what is a plane?
2. What do you use to control the plane?
A steering wheel, duh!
My friend, Tiaan
Shift your weight
The stick/control column
3. What are the pedals in the plane called?
Rudder pedals
Gas and brake pedals
Bicycle pedals
What is pedals?
4. What is auto pilot?
How should I know?
It keeps the plane leveled
It makes the plane fly itself
It's a pilot's name
5. Can a plane fly without the pilot touching the controls, or if the pilot bails out without auto pilot?
Yes, but the plane will fly wherever the wind is blowing it, since no one is at the controls
Yes, it will keep flying in the direction you left it
6. What happens if the plane's engine/engines die?
The plane is now a glider
The plane falls out of the sky
The plane loses control
The plane explodes in mid-air
7. What must you do before you can land a plane?
Decrease speed, and fly lower
Decrease speed, deploy the landing gear, and descend slowly
Decrease speed, deploy the landing gear, descend slowly and set the flaps to open/full
8. Why does a plane have wings?
So it can fly
It's a decoration
What is wings?
Wings provide lift. Without lift, a plane can't fly. Besides, the flaps are on the wings.
9. What does the plane's propeller do?
It pushes the plane forward, by blowing air back
It cools the pilot
It cools the engine
What is a propeller?
10. How do you control the plane?
Turn the steering wheel
Push the stick/control column forward to go down, pull it back to go up, turn it left or right to roll left or right.
Push the stick/control column forward to go up, backward to go down, and left and right to go left and right.
You can control a plane!?!?!?!?
11. What is the tail fin's flap called?
Tail fin flap
Turn thingy
12. How do you turn the plane when on the ground?
Use the rudder pedals.
Use the stick/control column
Use the steering wheel
Use Tiaan
13. What do you call the flaps on the wings?
Uhmmm, what is this "flaps" you speak of?
14. What do you call the flaps on the plane's tail?
Hey, I asked you what flaps are! I'm still waiting for the answer!
15. What does the flaps on the wings do?
Makes the plane go up and down
Makes the plane roll left and right
Makes the plane's turns sharper
You're still not answering my question!
16. What does the flaps on the plane's tail do?
Makes the plane go up and down
Makes the plane roll left and right
Makes the plane's turns sharper
Nevermind, I'll look flaps up on google
17. What happens when you are too violent with the plane's controls?
The plane responds quickly
The plane goes into a spin
The plane stalls
18. What do you do when the plane is in a spin?
If the plane is spinning left, press the right rudder pedal, and push the stick/control column forward, and then slowly pull up when the plane exits the spin. You need to counter the spin, and bring the nose down.
Wet yourself
Pull up
19. What is an altimeter?
It shows how high you are
It shows your speed
It shows the engine temperature
Nothing special
20. What is the airspeed?
How high you are
How fast you are going up
How fast your plane is flying
How badly you need to use the toilet
21. Did you like this quiz?
Yes, it was hilarious!
No, it was ridiculous

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