How Much Do YOU Know About Lenin and The Revolution?

Lenin and the Communist Revolution are crucial history topics. It is very important to know about what happened and why. Knowledge of history is the only way to learn from the past and apply it to the future.

So how much do YOU know about Lenin and the Russian Revolution? DO you even know who Lenin is? No, not the Beatles member. Take this quiz, and you'll find out how much you know!

Created by: Harry Potter of Lenin's Role in the Revolution
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1. What is Lenin's full name?
Harry James Lenin III
Vladimir Ilich Lenin
Josef Stalin
John Lennon
2. True of False: Lenin embraced capitalist values.
3. Of what group was Lenin the leader?
The Bund
The Black Hundreds
The Bolsheviks
The Marxists
4. True or False: Lenin's revolutionary efforts were done in secret. Even his wife did not know what he was up to.
5. What country enabled Lenin to return to Russia from his exile in 1917?
The United State of America
6. What did Germany think would be the result of Lenin's return to Russia from exile?
The Germans supported Communism and they wanted Lenin to go back to Russia to spread Communism.
The Germans believed that Russia would suffer greatly from Lenin's return. They saw Lenin as someone who would stir up controversy and bring the nation down, allowing Germany to become more powerful.
The Germans were afraid of Lenin's radical views and they wanted him out of their country. They organized a bombing of the train they sent Lenin on and killed him, saving the world from Communism.
7. True or False: The class structure of Russia was perfect for the pure adaptation of Marx's idea of Communism.
8. What speech did Lenin give when he arrived back in Russia from Germany?
"Conserve Capitalism"
"Call to Retreat"
"Call to Power"
9. True or False: Lenin's highly influential personaliy was the main reason that the Bolshevik take-over was successful.
10. Why did Lenin come up with the NEP?
Lenin knew that Communism was failing in Russia so he wanted to gradually bring capitalism back.
Lenin knew that he needed the full support of the people for his new government to be successful. The only way for this to work was for him to make some compromises.
Lenin did not come up with the NEP. Stalin worked on the NEP with Czar Nicholas II.

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