how much do you know about cats 🐱

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there are many cats in the world but are you really cut out for one? find out in this extremely fun not very hard not very easy quiz to find out if you should have a cat!

so even though you might want that adorable fluffy pillow, are you actually the right person for it? find out in a few minutes only with this exceptionally fun quiz!

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  1. how much should a roughly 15 pound cat eat a day
  2. how many cats is a good amount to have safely?
  3. what color eyes should a kitten have when born?
  4. when a cat sees its self in the mirror does it recognize it self?
  5. have cats ever gone to space?
  6. do you think l am a crazy cat person? (be honest)
  7. should l download apps on my device for my cat to play with?
  8. should youlet your cats outside?
  9. if your cat jumps on the table you:
  10. you feed your cat (if one is owned)

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about cats 🐱