How much do you hate your teacher?

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gb421 said:
Feb 14 '18, 12:49PM

I absolutely hate my teacher. I joined band in 7th grade and had a great band teacher until the next year i got a new band teacher. Thought she was going to be great, but as time flew by and i got older she got a lot worse. She is nice to my friends but not me. She has something against me. Is it normal for a teacher to have something against one of their students and like the rest of the students? I would really like this question answered. Also she thinks she is cooler than me

Mistytail said:
Apr 6 '16, 9:08PM

You hate your teacher 36%

You are kind of on the border line. You don't hate them, yet you don't like them. I guess it's not a bad place to be, but seriously, I either like my teacher, or i don't

velzzz said:
Mar 31 '16, 2:20PM


SmartAnimeFreak said:
Mar 3 '16, 9:06PM

My teacher gave me my first ever zero in my whole life, punished me for no reason, didn't let me packup even when it was about 3.52 seconds from the bell, let everyone else go unpunished while I was stuck with two parent notices, and purposely tells everyone and every teacher just how "bad" I am.

mrsamy said:
Jan 12 '16, 10:41PM

My spanish teacher stares at me when I pack up if we have like 5 seconds left. like WHAT THE f---! And then I email her to try to get help but she just ignores me like I am just a fly. Really wish I could switch teachers, 5th period is my least favorite period all day

r unuunyun said:
Nov 9 '15, 2:54PM

i think it is mean to say all those bad words

Sophiaiscool said:
Oct 14 '15, 5:34PM

Uh wow 16% well I wasn't expecting 100 I like my teacher she's funny and she's pretty freaken nice for what I was expecting.

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