how much d u know about wicked?

Do you know the true meaning behind the wizerd of oz? Is he good or evil,has Glinders name always been glinder? And is elphaba really the wicked witch?

Many people would say thay are wickeds biggest fan.That thay know it all! That thay know more about the hit musical than you could ever imagin,but do you? Take this quiz and find out!

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3. what is the main male charicter in wicked?
dr dillimond
the wizerd
4. finish this line..... it seems the ..... is steamed!!
5. who was the first 'british' glinda?
kerry ellis
helen dallimore
dianne pilkingtion
Kristin Chenoweth
6. who is elphabas father?
the governor of munchlinkland
the wizerd
mr smith
7. what was elphabas last wish before leaving oz?
that she could kill the wizerd
that she didnt have to go
that glinda could know she was ok
that she could marry fyero
8. what was glindas seacret?
she loved pink
she was going to make elphie her new project
she and fyero were going to be married
pink looked good with green
9. what is the first song kerry ellis (elphaba) sings?
the wizerd and i
what is this feeling
dear old shiz
no one morns the wicked
10. what happens to madem morrable at the end of the show?
she gets marred
she is killed
she is sent to prison
she vanishes
11. there has reacently been a cast change.who now plays fyero?
Adam Garcia
Oliver Tompsett
Simon Hardwick
kerry ellis
12. what is the wizeds mode of transport?

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